Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Most amazing video confrence with HAMISH CAMPBELL

On 5 of August we had an amazing video conference with the one the only Mr Hamish Campbell himself I was shocked it was the first time I had ever met him. He was telling us heaps of things like what a Seismometer is and what it is used for. He had heaps of things to talk about right down to the last detail.

Earthquake in Fiordland
This is one of the things he said to us.....
 We greeted him like we always do to famous people then he started talking about the earthquake in Fiordland it was 7.8 or 7.6 magnitude. That was about the biggest earthquake in over 78 years that got to be amazing. Also he showed us were some Seismometers were the were all over the place they were everywhere but it will be good to see how strong it was from a different place near an far.

The Faithful Earthquake that hit China
 Also a Big Earthquake has struck China the place that is china is Tangshan and about  15 seconds later over and killed over 25000 people and all there roofs fell off the house and feel on to them that was caused by an earthquake. "That was almost quick as a flash"he said in a odd voice "A earthquake is 200000 kilometers per hour that's like 200 jets put together"said Hamish Campbell "Woo"we said in surprise.

Faithful Death Of Dino Lady
 As Mr Campbell was talking to us he also he said "I also heard that you all have been studying about dinosaurs"? "Yes" We said back thinking we know it all that's when he said also "Did you know that Joan Wiffen Died"? "Ow" We said not feeling jolly anymore."Everyone still writes about dinosaurs"said Mrs Tele'a happily.(Died at the age of 87)

How an Earthquake Starts  
 An earthquake starts from 2 plates deep underground smash into each other like the Australian 
plate an the southern plate and the Pacific plate. But there is only 20 plates and that's not that much but imagine that they are Gigantic not your bread plate Humongous plates. That's probably the whole of the Sky-Tower lying down and that's big.It can go up to the speed of 20,000 Kilometers per hour that's 20 Jet planes altogether. (Ir you want to see the plates that cover the earth go to this website)

Farewell Mr Campbell 
 As it was starting to get fun Diana said "Oh sorry to interrupt but we have to leave very soon" From that moment onwards Mr.Campbell was talking fast and then he got faster and it got very interesting then he left Sela did the farewell and then he left. 
                                                                    THE END

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Term3s Fascinating Immerson Assembly

As I walked into the hall I felt like I was in a fairytale in a book "Arr"Says Mr Burt as he walked into the hall wearing a olden day Tux. "Were is my beautiful and delicate princess" "I've been looking for her eve since I danced with her at the ball""Then the very next day I went back to find her Glass Slipper"as he started to whimper"She ran away when the clock struck 12'o'clock I should find her here"As Mr Burt was looking everywhere in the hall he came across Goldilocks.

She was giving out free porridge. Then it was Mrs Lou she was a prince frog we didn't know what she was until some shouted out "The Princess and the frog "Correct" Said Mrs Lou Every teacher looked wonderful and Hilarious. The best looking one to me was Mrs Tito She is a New teacher to our school. Mrs Garden was the sweet and demure Cinderella.

Also the best looking one to me was Mrs Tito she was really hilarious she was The Ginger bread man "Do you know the muffin man"? Said Mrs Tito Everyone looked superb that has got to be the best Immersion Assembly this year.

                                                         THE END