Thursday, November 11, 2010

My Cursed Little Brother

It was an ordinary day lying on my bed playing Guitar Hero 3 Legends Of Rock. My little brother runs in and says "Can I play" he said repeatedly "No" I said loudly "I'm telling" "So" I replied "Mum" he shouted "Cruz isn't letting me play the game""Cruz let him play"shouted my Mum "Fine" "What you put the thing in" "OK" "Cliffs of Dover""Nah" just then my cousins walked in the door down stairs "Brodie" called my cousin. She is just a bit taller than me and has Violet and blondish hair and sometimes can really be annoying and can start fights very easily with her mouth.

So as my brother ran down stairs he shouted "Hooray" "Yes" I said as I shut my door and went down to the park and so did my brother and cousin. We were all having a lot of fun when suddenly a dark storm appeared up in the sky and from the depths of the hades appeared from the ground and eyed me and my brother and cousin I wasn't all so scared but my brother and cousin were. Then it charged straight for my brother and he was possessed by the lost soul and as we stood there watching him struggle we couldn't do anything about it he tried to fight back but it was too tough all he could do was surrender to this powerful soul.

As the soul finally possessed my brother's soul my brother couldn't control himself the soul chased me and my cousin across the road the soul was hit but it didn't put a scratch on this monsters body were going to need bigger guns so as we ran to the train station we went to Sylvia Park it chased us there so we ran in to Dick Smith were all of the electricity is we grabbed some TVs and through it at the monster it just stood there "For a second I thought it just absorbed it" I said to my cousin "It did" She replied "Oh No" We said together.

So we started running we ran in to the movies she said "What are we doing here?" "I came to see if there were any new movies" I Replied to her "Oh lets go" "Ok". So we ran down staris and caught a train to yet another place and then back to Sylvia Park and ran around the buildings and the monster tripped up and into the water he started to fall and then we realised that the monsters weakness was water so we went to get buckets and used it against the monster.

Now that we knew what the monsters weakness was we captured it and used all the Electric and water against it and defeated it now that we captured it we have to find out how to defeat this dark soul. After hours of torture we had finally found out what to do so we invented A Gadget called Static Electricity and used it by the monsters heart and the soul came out of my brother we fought it and killed it it vanished and the hands of Hades came through the ground and grabbed the soul and left. My brother soon awoke and we went home and played guitar Hero 3.