Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tarawera Reflection

This term IN extension we have be studying the Mt Tarawera eruption that happened 100 years ago while we were progressing through this event this what I thought were Interesting Positive Minus (PMI)

1.Making the entire movie from scratch and detailing it
2.Acting as an old man and saying lines over and over again
3.Helping a to get the costumes ready for our recording
4.Putting on make up that was really funny

This year in Extension we have been studying the Tarawera Eruption that happened over a 100 years ago which caused the whole town of Wairoa to be abandon and alot of people died in the eruption. Also tons were homeless if they survived and only a little bit of people made it through this devastating eruption.This was all so sad.

1.Taking too long to get ready
2.Having to write the script from scratch like most people having too
3.When we did our Green Screen it didn't come out properly and we still have to use the same Green Screening we did.

When this disastrous event occurred all the people of Wairoa were never alerted that Mt Tarawera will erupt. It all happened on a starlit night no one was worrying about anything but there children and the food that was on the fire outside.

1.Making the film with my friends
2.Doing a Green Screen but then it didn't come out properly
3.Setting out the scene and were we are going to record

All of this to me was really interesting we had the chance to do this fun activity and for letting us use all of the things that we could do and helping us when we were in tough spots.

Also Thanks to Mrs Tele'a for letting us experience this amazing Event.
Here is a bit of the task my group did (Seini-Mino,Me,Joshua) Hopefully you like it So sit back and relax!! PLEASE COMMENT!!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Did you know that when Dizah broke up they all made new groups such as Dziah 2.0 and the Funk Monkeys and they mad New T-shirts and now they face each other to see who's skills are better who do you vote for?

I vote for Dziah 2.0 because they have people that dress cool and flashy and they all have mean eyes. Before they use too have J Willams a famous singer but now they only have good dancers and no one famous anymore but they all have good talent but do they have what it takes to beat the on the only "JABBAWOKEEZ" and become one of the best dance crews in the world they are the on the only "DZIAH 2.0"

Thanks to this website for the photo: