Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Race that never Ends

"What the" I thought to myself. the chairs were lined for Cross Country. That can only mean 1 thing Cross Country!!If I had known it was today, I would of brought my sick notice.
"I don't want to run" I said quietly. Nearly Every year, I come near the end. this is like a Nightmare on Elm Street
We sat in our two lines, and I was shocked to see people other than me shaking. My heart was pounding with fear.
As we were ready to take off, I remembered what Miss Garden had told us; to pace ourselves in the beginning, then run hard at the end. "Bang" went the clappers. Everyone blasted off.
I was jogging and right in front of me was my arch enemy Zues. He and I had been enemies for a long time.

We ran out of the school gates my heart pounded and my rival was coming 1st and I was coming 21st. So I started to spurt past some people now I was coming 11th and Zeus was still showing off, and before you can say me he trips and starts rolling on the field and he starts getting blitzed. I started to spurt past him. He didn't like losing to me so he started crying.

The last corner up feeling euphoric."One more corner" I said to myself running hard to the finish line "1st" someone said while I was enjoying my victory I woke to my little punching my head Cross Country "NO" my sister slapped my face and I got ready for School.