Monday, September 14, 2009

My favourite Rugby Leauge player

My favourite rugby league player Benji Marshall because he is one of the fastest in the West Tigers and they are a very good team when they work together. He is also a talented person and he is good a stepping people and can sometimes break through the defence line he is great at defence. He is the best to me. He has played 26 this year. He is my favourite and he is good at running and scoring tries he is good at goal kicks he is alright to me but he is my first favourite in rugby league. People sometimes call him "Benji" for short. Also he has a cool tattoo down his left arm.Also he is known because he is the steeping king. HE IS THE ONE THE ONLY BENJI MARSHALL!!!!!.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Super Saiyin 5

Super Sayin 5(To Your Right) is the one the only Goku. He is known because he is the one who has protected the earth from Broly,Cooler,Freiza and a lot more he can perform Spirit Bomb but he has to say "Share Your Energy With Me" than he can do the Spirit Bomb but the only time he does it is wh
en the world is seconds away from its destruction. He is the only protector of the earth but always goes around to say hi to everyone. Anyway SS(Super Saiyin) 5 is the only one who fully looks like a monkey but gey. HE IS GOKU!!!!!!!!!

Thanks to This website for the photo:

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

My Blog Wordle

Today in Extension we were learning how to use Wordle. It is a website where you can upload all the words in your blog or anything else and then it goes into a big block of words and you can see all of the words you have been using in your writing.
The more you use a word the bigger the word picture. The biggest word in mine was earthquake. The words I didn't use so much were smaller.
The cool thing about Wordle is that you can change the font, colours and even the background colour. You can play around with it until you get bored and then you can upload it to your blog as an image like I have done here.
You can make heaps of things with Wordle, in fact, a word I use lots is 'heaps'! Wordle can help you to see if you are using interesting words in your writing. It can also show you what your visitors are reading or looking at when they come to your blog.

My Favourite Game

My most favourite game will have to be Pokemon Ruby because you can run around capture Pokemon  any sort of Pokemon like rare Pokemon like Groudon,Arceus,Darkrai, and more but the strongest is 50% Arceus(To your left)and 50% Celebi. Pokemon have many enemys like for example groudon doesn't like Kyogre and only Rayquaza can stop them other wise they will end up killing each other. Then there is cheats you can use to get Pokemon you can't get and heaps of rare candy that make you level up once but is very useful. Mew X (To your right) is very strong and is pretty powerful and can kill a bit of Pokemon. Anyway Pokemon is alright.