Monday, February 28, 2011

Tech At Tamaki College

My first day at Tech was the most fun yet and we were doing cooking. My most favourite thing to do is cook. So I did’nt have breakfast and I ran to school about 8:15 AM and still was late (I kept stopping). When I reached the school gates people had already started leaving so I hoped in to my line and caught up to my friend Matthew Timoko but we call him Wehttam his name backwards. “Hey” I called “Cruz” he replied

As we walked we wondered what we were going to cook “Burgers” I thought Matthew Thought “Larzania”. As we sat and thought we went in and we met our teacher Mrs Heka we said “Good Morning Mrs Heka” She replied “ Today we will be making Sticky Buns “I wanted to make burgers” I said to myself We could of made heaps and ate them all.

“OK” Said Mrs Heka “Now Find a partner” Me and Matthew and Kaiden and Dominq were all One Group but there was only suppose to be 3 in a group we had started we got all of the things ready and we started getting preparing and we had tons of fun and and after we had a nice feed to star of the morning. The End

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Monster shaking Earthquake

As 12.51 pm Hit in Christchurch So did an Earthquake it was a 6.3 Magnitude and caused horror to this New Zealand city. In the heart of Christchurch a massive earthquake started and continued and continued. To most people it probably Would never end but when it did it ended in horror and chaos. Cars trapped under rubble that was like a Meteorite People Screaming and running trying to hide wanting the Earthquake to go away. After the Earthquake There was alot of damage done to the city and Most people made it and most people were not so lucky.

Friday, February 11, 2011

My Tremendous Holiday

“Cruz what do you think your doing”shouted my cousin we were battling on Modern Warfare 2 “I’m telling my Brother that your cheating”she said as she strolled out of the room to tell her brother "Brother Cruz's cheating "No i'm not its just called skills" I replied "Something you don't have" "I better than you" she said almost crying "Then why are you playing"her brother said angrily "I don't know" she said weakly "Get out then" replied her brother "Cruz try Clock the game" the minute he said that I had changed it to campaign about an hour later he came in "Have you clocked it" he said to me "Yeah" "Solid" he replied

As I played the game it was fun until one person came. My uncle’s friend Tama came in, he was the only person I coul’nt beat he was the best out of all of us. “Oh” He said “What are yous playing” “Nothing” we replied “CoD Modern Warfare 2 I’m playing” he said as he reached for another control now there were 4 of us playing. Me my Uncle my Brother and Tama. In the game it was kill or be killed at this point I was ranked as 3 best I had no chance what so ever I was going to lose I could’nt handle another defeat my loses were 79 and had 59 wins I was going to lose I was losing by 4 kills I ran. I jumped ‘BOOOOOM’ 1 down 3 to go ‘BOOOOOM’ went another and another before you knew it I was coming a tie with Tama my heart pounded ‘BOOOOOM’ both of us went we did’nt know who had on “NOOOOOOOO” groaned Tama “I lost” “but good match Cruz” “OK”I Replied.

The game was the most fun about my holidays we had we played till all hours of the morning playing Modern Warfare 2. But I still rank as 3 best but if my uncles friend Wiriemu was their then i will be ranking 4. But the thing is do you think that I will ever be able to beat Tama all the time?