Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Ankylosaurus means "Fused lizard" and "Stiffened Lizard" 
Now dead use to be alive but gone forever
Killing spree and ready to rumble in the jungle
Young then fully grown and ready to go free and kill
Lived on earth for millions of years and then died out
Of course they were way stronger than any human on earth
Strong invincible but until the meteorite hit the earth or a flood or a volcano erupted 
A very strong dinosaur but was defenceless when a meterorite hit the earth
Rough tough and ready to rumble deep down in the Jungle 
Use to be alive but now dead and gone but good there gone or else we will be dead
Strong powerful and ready to fight against anything and hopefully will win

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Tough fierce and very dangerous dinosaur 
Ready to take your head off with its horns
Incredible and gone forever and will never come back
Cretaceous period is when it lived 70 million years ago
Extinct for life and forever
Ready to charge and crack your skull
A tiny dinosaur but a vicious horns
Triceratops means Three Horned Face because of the horns 
Other Dinosaurs like predators like to attack Triceratops
People would not like to be around when the Triceratops lived
Strong and small but really powerful

Tyrannosaurus Rex

Tough and rough and ready to rumble
Young and strong and very powerful
Razor sharp jaws ready to crunch and bite just like carving knives
Ankylosaurus can't stop it nothing can
Never ever will it flee to a fight
Not been defeated by other dinosaurs and never will be
Old and extinct forever and can never come back
Some paleontologists discovered it in the South America 
Another dinosaur still lives today in New Zealand
Unstoppable and undefeated and can never lose a fight
Ready to fight and rip you to bits and pieces 
Use to be called King Rex cause of its strength 
Strong and mighty and very very powerful
Really small arms big legs but powerful bites 
Encouraged by other sauropods
Xtreamly dangerous and will rip you apart if you don't have armour

Monday, May 25, 2009

Positive Minus Interesting

-Our Flickr page.
-R.O.W 10 Sleep Over.
-VC-Will Smith-Hong Kong.
-Learning how to use Google Earth.
-Music making on Garage Band.
-Pork Bone movie.
-Food Pyramid.
-Blogging about R.O.W 10.
-Movie making.
-Making our recipes on the computer.

-Rock our world 10 not making our Boil recipe
-Waking up a 5am in the morning
-Having difficulty's with our conference
-Making things quickly for our rubric
-Not having more time to practise our R.O.W10

-Eat Pork Bones at school
-Waking up at 5am
-Making our movies for food in a day
-Making Flickr pages
-Have to do speech's

Also to the other students and teachers in R.O.W I really had a great time and I would like to be in R.O.W again and again and thanks.