Thursday, May 27, 2010

Scrumptious Hokey Pokey

A huge wonder of the world is making a tantalizing delicacies called Hokey Pokey.
Mmm……Fat food including Sugar dissolved in a instant including golden-syrup as it was heated in the pot. Baking Powder was added to the mixture, and a chemical reaction occurred. The Hokey Pokey started to froth up and expand at the same time it looked like Slimy viscous goo.

"PEEVE....." A fart effect wafted in the air as masses of Hokey Pokey bursted out of the frying pan. This experience was insane!!!!! It was as if the Hokey Pokey limited to be eaten and at the same time burst out of the frying pan.
We went to the kitchen, stunned as we were in for a phenomenal surprise. We clicked when, in just a flash we would create a wonderful food treat, that involved volcanic like equipment or other things to do with that. We made a long time favourite of mine, Hokey Pokey.

We waited for the Hokey Pokey to cool down. It was now a hard,brittle solid mass. All the gas bubbles caused porous.When it cooled down Mr Hunia had to transfer it too a saucepan or it would of been stuck to the bottom of the pot. It didn't look very nice when we were making it but once it had finished it would taste Delicious

Similar to lava, oozing hokey pokey can literally pot. 'WOW!!!!!!' Also it can become hard and brittle in just minutes.'AMAZING!!!!!' Hokey Pokey is scolding hot, which can probably melt a total human hand. That is scary but at the same time very very yuck but the sound of Hokey Pokey makes my tummy rumble.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Under Water Explosion

After A Tsunami

The damages after tsunami’s hit it can be very fatal many lives will be lost. All the buildings would be demolished and survivors trapped under rubble. Cars just have been tossed like little toys.

Volcano's formed

Volcanoes are formed by all the lava, that comes through cracks in the ground.Magma under the ground heat’s up, and goes through cracks in the earth. When the lava dries it forms land and volcano's!!

Types Of Volcano's

There are 3 Types of volcano's There is the Shield Volcano, which is are mostly active and dormant. An there is the Cinder Cone volcano which are most dormant now. So that leaves us with the composite volcano it is the most dangerous or is it?

Inside The Earth

Under the earth crust there are 4 layers,the crust,mantle,Outer core,Inner core.There are fractures in the earth crust like a huge jigsaw puzzle that has been put back together in big chunks