Friday, September 30, 2011

The day I saw an Alien

As you know everyday brings a new adventure and a new adventure brings new friends from everywhere.

Well as I can remember I was resting in bed with a broken ankle and it was pouring down with rain and hail. I can also remember seeing a a square in the middle was a beaming light and in each corner was a red light. So as I rested in bed looking out the window I saw this square UFO flying around the sky like a plane then all of a sudden bang they where in my room.

As they approached me with there laser guns and all I layed there in my bed about to wet myself when one came from behind all of them and started talking to me "Hello fellow human of the planet earth i am King Narnode and I have come from mars to tell you about the plan when my evil twin brother is going to blow up EARTH"

So as I sat there in shock about to reply then before I could do anything I passed out........ Hours later I awoke to a beautiful sky and as i sat up I noticed that my leg had magically healed so fast and that I felt like doing a back flip out of my window then I remembered about what that funky alien told me "Pfffft that was just a dream and its just repeating it in my head like a broken record"

So as I left my room I started to notice that I wasn't in my house anymore and that I was in a a different dimension but in a different house as well "Hello King Narnode" I shouted in panic "Down here" he replied "O.K" I replied in relief so as I marched down stairs he had A feast prepared for me. "Thank you" I said as he settled me in "Guards" he called loudly then as I heard the stomping feet of the guard that sounded more like an elephant a gnome in a armour with a sword with the power of a dragon inside came out "Ahahahahahahahahahahahahaha" I laughed as he marched then with a loud roar A dragon crashed into the side of castle " There the beast maybe now prepare beast for your suffering I am the mighty Gonthor" He announced as he approached the dragon and with a almighty slash he slayed the dragon with the swift of his sword.

"Thank you" said King Narnode as the knight left the room. I seen his evil brother and him talking and as I seen him laugh they where both on the same side so as I gathered all of the knights and then we planned to out smart them and to leave but as we leave someone had to set up the bomb and destroy the evil twins together and to never return.

So we talked and we planned then suddenly we all had the same Idea we will lure them both into a room where the bomb is planted then we will leave and say goodbye to them forever.
So as I planted the bomb and lured King Narnode in the others bought the so called evil twin and we ran from them. Bad was they where only decoys and the real ones had already escaped luckily for me I had a bomb already set up in every part of the dimension thanks to my little buddy Jeremy the Spider

So we all left the world using a portal that was half way around the world as we walked we heard a loud explosion getting closer and closer then we sprinted the portal was atleast a mile away and to make things worse there where the evil twins King Narnode was there but ripped off his mask and turned out to be Drufix and the other e twin turned out to be Zuthix they where killers as they shot beams at us we dodged them we dived we jumped and we made it to the portal. "Wheew" I said then as I didn't notice Zuthix and Drufix where there and out of the blues came Gonthor as he fought with the twins he fought vulnerably and came out victorious I jumpde through and I said goodbye and I ended up home to where I belong.

As I looked in the sky I saw The Gnome Guards who helped me and I feel to sleep awoken yet by another King "Not again" I groaned

Thursday, September 29, 2011

A Day Full Of Fun Excitingness

‘SPLAASH’ went the water as it came over my head and crashed onto my mate Kayde’s face.
could get any worse he had been soaked at least 6 times already so he was pretty wet, “Cruz stop wetting me” Kayde snarled at me, he was almost at his limit about about to explode. So as I saw the furious look in his eyes I decided that the only way I could stop him by was not wetting him, so as the sponge came to me I got the feeling that I should wet him then I turned around to see that he was still furious and I soon then decided that the idea I thought was good could also lead to disaster so I slowly put the water over my head and ‘Smack’ went the water as it again crashed onto Kayde’s face. We where out on the bottom field having activities for the year 7-8’s all day we where waiting for all the fun to begin. “Let the games begin” I said in my head as we walked in line to our activities

As we dashed to our next activity I wondered what it was, I saw some cones set up and some bands and a couple of balls. So the next activity I thought of was going to be ‘DODGE-BALL’ I got so excited then all of a sudden the most worst thing happened to me we weren’t playing dodge-ball so as my exciton's went from 1million all the way down to absolutely nothing so did my gaming spirit so we were playing ball tiggy I thought this was going to be the most dreadful game ever. So as we started we where put into groups of 4 me and my friends(Matthew R,Matthew T, Kayde amd Andrew)where all in the yellow team. “Over here we shouted” as people dashed past us at high speed it was like we where trying to catch a bunch of mice with one net and were in one tiny little room with only little bits of space. “Yaaay” we cheered as we jumped up and down as we were victorious. Then our cheerful parade had come to an end as Mrs Lagitupu (Another Teacher) had told us that was only the first round and we had to challenge the winners of the other side. “Huuf a Puff” we panted as we leaped out of the way of the incoming ball. “Its alright its only a game” people said to others in our team we didn’t win but we had a fun time. So as people gathered there things we slowly made our way to our next activity.

“Okay peoples” Ms Tito (yet another great teacher) greeted us with a big smile on her face we had to shoot little balls into hula hoops for each hoop we get the ball in we get 50 points for our class but if we got ball into the hoop all the way at the back we got 100 points but no class had done it and our class was going to try get that 100 points so at the end of each term we could go for a trip somewhere. “Ohhh better luck next time” Ms Tito said to people who had shot but never got anything and in the end we ended up getting 10 points all though we never got the 100 points or the 50 we still had a good time and the shot of the day went to Mr Ryan who shot and got one of our team mates in the privates. So as we laughed our way to our next activity there was still one big question in my head what is this activity ?.

“Hello Students of Room 20” Mr Harris said to us as we walked in to his activity, “Okay today this activity requires 2 people in a group or 3 if you wont” So as I looked around for a partner my friened Matthew T asked if I wanted to be his partner so that was choice so as we got our rope and tied it to our legs we stood up as if we knew what we were doing we stumbled to the ground and we both injured ourselves as I had fallen to the opposite side of Matthew. “This is harder than it look ay Matt” I said to Matthew “Yeah I thought it was going to be easy” Matthew replied. So as we struggled to stand up we finally did then all of a sudden.We both thought of an idea we should walk at the same time so our legs stick together and we don’t fall over as often so we moved our right legs then our left before you knew it we knew what to do. Then the time came for Me and Matthew to put all our skills together and take on the challenge, The challenge was we had to hold a ball on a spoon and walk to the other end around the cone and back. Me and Matthew thought it would’ve been easy but boy where we wrong the catch was that we had to do it with our legs tied.

So that was hardest part as me and Matthew both jumped to our feet we already had our rope tied so this was going to be a breeze but when we got our ball and spoon this turned out to be as hard as walking on a tight rope with wet feet and the rope was a steel bar now that’s almost got to be impossible and your walking over a highway that’s really busy. So as we as soon as we lifted our legs we tripped and our rope untied itself and we failed so I got up and left so as we sat down and watched people fail and pass it was a great experience and I hope that we get to do something like that again.

So as we gathered up our stuff we slowly walked back to class with big smiles and came back to have even more fun but in class.

My Character Description about my Brother

Rough Curly hair, dark skin, very short and an up and go attitude are the best things to describe about my brother Brodie-Jack. But the things that stand out in him are his hazel brown eyes that sparkle in the sun light.

He’s a very sporty little kid, he’s the one to play rugby and games with, I’m not. I’m the only one in the house that goes to sleep at 11-12pm on a school day!. My brother is only 9 and yet he is still fitter than me and is always keen to get dirty. On top of that my brother is always wanting to just play around and do anything to end up in playing a rough game of rugby with My mate and I.

For as long as I could remember anything my brother always had the very same interests as me. Playing games, Surfing The Web and Chilling with all of our mates and eating. I was the first to experience playing games. “AWESOME” would be my answer if you asked me about my first experience. But then straight after that all we would do if we got bored is go out to play with our mates to keep out of mums hair. All of our mates include Lepa, Maisa, Ronald and Me, my brother and my cousin Andrea. So we always get up to something new for example one day we would play ball-tiggy then the next day we would just sit around and gossip about others. If we’re not doing that where getting up to mischief.

Even though it sounds like me and Brodie get along very well there is also the bad side of me and him the good side is when we share with each other and even crack jokes or pull pranks on each other. But then our bad side is when we fight create huge messes and punch the walls smash things push things over and sometimes they just get so out of hand that our fights turn out to be the most tragic thing to happen. Then after we start fighting either my Mum or Sonny decide to stop the fight and if we carry on we both get a whack and its always me that gets it not Brodie.

But even though we fight very often my brother and i are still the best of friends and we know that if we are ever in trouble I always have him by myside and he always has me by his side. That if we pull through together we will always come out on top and we can never fall as brothers. Even though people say he’s this and that I will always deep in my heart think that my brother is ‘COOL’ to me no matter how much we fight.

Friday, September 23, 2011

My MihiMihi

This is a quick mihimihi that I did with my friend Matthew hope you can understand it and hear it properly :)

Friday, September 16, 2011

My maths whizz update

This is where i'm currently in Maths Whizz. People say that if you spend a lot of time here you will increase in maths now that's a very great thing isn't it :). So if I use all my time at home on maths whizz by the time we have our next test's I will be able to ce them when we do the maths test and then I dont need to sit around for 10 minutes waiting till I find the answer. So thats a good thing to do and if you want to go to maths whizz you'll have to sign up and the click the ling below:

Our Place Our Team

Here is a presentation that me and my friends did for our country.

I hope you have enjoyed our quick presentation :)

My Hook To My Holiday

‘CRASSSSH’ the waves went as we drove across the side of Ninety Mile Beach it was 4 years since I had seen it. To me it still looked the same and the smell of seafood and rotten fish made it even better. I almost started crying when I saw the beach we had been driving for hours I was sweating like a fat man walking up a flight of stairs. So I was ready to go for a swim then all of a sudden. “What are you doing” I shouted to my dad “No its to cold to go for a swim. As he said that the sun beamed on my head and made it even hotter “No swimming all holiday what is this”I said to myself its nothing but HORROR. How could this possibly be the best holiday ever???

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

RWC Samoa vs Namibia

O.K this is it, the game I've finally been waiting for, this is the day that Namibia have their first game and its against Samoa!!!. The way I predict this game is that Samoa might have a chance of winning but on the other hand Namibia are one of the countries that I strongly support and they have a strong line up. But the way I look at it Samoa is going to win if they use good team work and share the ball around and go hard that they will win and come out champions.

Thank you to this site for the picture :)

Monday, September 12, 2011

My Favourites Poem


I love the sound of the pouring rain as it batters down on the roof top,
I like the day as the clock ticks away I run out of school like a happy fool ,
I like the colour of Roses and Daisy’s but the colour I like the most is Violets all flowers are cool but only some are the best,
I love my mum shes as caring as a care bear when she does everything,
I like Lime and Raspberry, like it came from the dairy but I always liked coke the best
C is for Cookie that’s good enough for me ooh Cookie Cookie Cookie are for me,
The loud crack of THUNDER and LIGHTNING, Its also fast like its bolting,
Daffodil’s and daisies are beautiful as my mum
As I run and I jump and I dive and I score I jump up and down as I throw up the ball,
I’m as busy as a bee hive after a long holiday from school during week 4-7,
I love to stand on the shores of Pt England beach especially during summertime when its nice and hot …