Monday, November 30, 2009

Why You Should Eat Your Food?

Do you know anyone in your family that doesn't eat all of their food. Well I do and believe me this is what will happen to them when they go to sleep........

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


There is also another game exactly like Adventure Quest but you're not a human you are a robot. You can walk around as a human but can only fight as a Robot. When you're in combat there are weapons but a good weapon to use is Air Gun because it is a weapon that is likely to kill your opponent in two to three hits. Sometimes in the beginning you can go and find a job and up-grade and get more money. The more experience you get the more you level up so the higher you are the better things you can equip and the stronger guns you can carry around my most highest level is a LVL16. The highest LVL I have met is 79 I fought him for quiet long and then I was down to 4 health. He was still in his 50s and he defeated me. So you can create you a account and then comment and tell me.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Internet Cafe

On the 10 of October me my cousin and little brother all went to the Internet Cafe were we could go on to the Internet or play games like I-Ninja and other games but when I go everyone tells me to go onto Counter Strike but I tell them to wait because I go onto games online my cousin told me to go onto Battleon. You can create your own person he can be a Rouge,Warrior,Mage or a Priest. She choose a Warrior because they are good with weapons the strongest weapon is a Gigantic Axe. Its Power is 999-888 it can kill a enemy. In less than two hit sometimes. It has enhanced Power that can Max its power to 5000-1000.

So after I had finished doing up her load I decided to play Counter Strike. On Counter Strike you can choose out of 2 Teams there is Counter-Terrorist they have to defuse the bomb when it is planted and there enemies Terrorist they have to plant the bomb and then protect it and try to kill Counter-Terrorist. It isn't good for kids under the age of 8 it has heaps of killing in it because that is the main part of the game.I choose Counter-Terrorist because they have my most favourite weapons. If you push number 6 you get a Maginum Sniper Rifle and number 8 is a machine sniper that's my favourite because it doesn't take long to reload. Also I like the Maginum Sniper because I am good at scooping.

The next game I always play is I-Ninja you start in the beginning you have to defeat some enemies on a beach they are armoured with swords. But then you have to get a part of this big robot so you can regain his power he was once the president of that Island until some people jumped on to him and used his body parts as weapons. Until you get his body pieces back he remains lying on the ground. When you become a Yellow belt you can challenge the Boss he is in his big robot under water then he rises and you have a boxing match. But first you have to learn the buttons. Then he fights you he takes the first punch you can block and then you can start punching back when he gets dizzy you use your Laser Cannon to zap him and then keep punching until the robot brakes in half. Then a new door opens and you can then do more missions.

So after I play those I then create a new game on Counter-Strike I create Awp_Map or sometimes Cs_construction_map I like those stages because you can Buy and Get A Maginum Sniper. Me and my Uncle always Have Challenges he is better at Construction but I am a bit better at Awp_map. I challenge other people around the Internet Cafe sometimes its everyone against me I can keep killing until I run out or ammo I can take up to 10 shots and have 20 more ammo left in the pack people always camp in 1 spot but they end up getting found. So after a little while I change the level to Fun_With_Matrix which is a level that's good for running around and choosing a door to enter each door has a different gun on it.

Monday, September 14, 2009

My favourite Rugby Leauge player

My favourite rugby league player Benji Marshall because he is one of the fastest in the West Tigers and they are a very good team when they work together. He is also a talented person and he is good a stepping people and can sometimes break through the defence line he is great at defence. He is the best to me. He has played 26 this year. He is my favourite and he is good at running and scoring tries he is good at goal kicks he is alright to me but he is my first favourite in rugby league. People sometimes call him "Benji" for short. Also he has a cool tattoo down his left arm.Also he is known because he is the steeping king. HE IS THE ONE THE ONLY BENJI MARSHALL!!!!!.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Super Saiyin 5

Super Sayin 5(To Your Right) is the one the only Goku. He is known because he is the one who has protected the earth from Broly,Cooler,Freiza and a lot more he can perform Spirit Bomb but he has to say "Share Your Energy With Me" than he can do the Spirit Bomb but the only time he does it is wh
en the world is seconds away from its destruction. He is the only protector of the earth but always goes around to say hi to everyone. Anyway SS(Super Saiyin) 5 is the only one who fully looks like a monkey but gey. HE IS GOKU!!!!!!!!!

Thanks to This website for the photo:

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

My Blog Wordle

Today in Extension we were learning how to use Wordle. It is a website where you can upload all the words in your blog or anything else and then it goes into a big block of words and you can see all of the words you have been using in your writing.
The more you use a word the bigger the word picture. The biggest word in mine was earthquake. The words I didn't use so much were smaller.
The cool thing about Wordle is that you can change the font, colours and even the background colour. You can play around with it until you get bored and then you can upload it to your blog as an image like I have done here.
You can make heaps of things with Wordle, in fact, a word I use lots is 'heaps'! Wordle can help you to see if you are using interesting words in your writing. It can also show you what your visitors are reading or looking at when they come to your blog.

My Favourite Game

My most favourite game will have to be Pokemon Ruby because you can run around capture Pokemon  any sort of Pokemon like rare Pokemon like Groudon,Arceus,Darkrai, and more but the strongest is 50% Arceus(To your left)and 50% Celebi. Pokemon have many enemys like for example groudon doesn't like Kyogre and only Rayquaza can stop them other wise they will end up killing each other. Then there is cheats you can use to get Pokemon you can't get and heaps of rare candy that make you level up once but is very useful. Mew X (To your right) is very strong and is pretty powerful and can kill a bit of Pokemon. Anyway Pokemon is alright.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Most amazing video confrence with HAMISH CAMPBELL

On 5 of August we had an amazing video conference with the one the only Mr Hamish Campbell himself I was shocked it was the first time I had ever met him. He was telling us heaps of things like what a Seismometer is and what it is used for. He had heaps of things to talk about right down to the last detail.

Earthquake in Fiordland
This is one of the things he said to us.....
 We greeted him like we always do to famous people then he started talking about the earthquake in Fiordland it was 7.8 or 7.6 magnitude. That was about the biggest earthquake in over 78 years that got to be amazing. Also he showed us were some Seismometers were the were all over the place they were everywhere but it will be good to see how strong it was from a different place near an far.

The Faithful Earthquake that hit China
 Also a Big Earthquake has struck China the place that is china is Tangshan and about  15 seconds later over and killed over 25000 people and all there roofs fell off the house and feel on to them that was caused by an earthquake. "That was almost quick as a flash"he said in a odd voice "A earthquake is 200000 kilometers per hour that's like 200 jets put together"said Hamish Campbell "Woo"we said in surprise.

Faithful Death Of Dino Lady
 As Mr Campbell was talking to us he also he said "I also heard that you all have been studying about dinosaurs"? "Yes" We said back thinking we know it all that's when he said also "Did you know that Joan Wiffen Died"? "Ow" We said not feeling jolly anymore."Everyone still writes about dinosaurs"said Mrs Tele'a happily.(Died at the age of 87)

How an Earthquake Starts  
 An earthquake starts from 2 plates deep underground smash into each other like the Australian 
plate an the southern plate and the Pacific plate. But there is only 20 plates and that's not that much but imagine that they are Gigantic not your bread plate Humongous plates. That's probably the whole of the Sky-Tower lying down and that's big.It can go up to the speed of 20,000 Kilometers per hour that's 20 Jet planes altogether. (Ir you want to see the plates that cover the earth go to this website)

Farewell Mr Campbell 
 As it was starting to get fun Diana said "Oh sorry to interrupt but we have to leave very soon" From that moment onwards Mr.Campbell was talking fast and then he got faster and it got very interesting then he left Sela did the farewell and then he left. 
                                                                    THE END

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Term3s Fascinating Immerson Assembly

As I walked into the hall I felt like I was in a fairytale in a book "Arr"Says Mr Burt as he walked into the hall wearing a olden day Tux. "Were is my beautiful and delicate princess" "I've been looking for her eve since I danced with her at the ball""Then the very next day I went back to find her Glass Slipper"as he started to whimper"She ran away when the clock struck 12'o'clock I should find her here"As Mr Burt was looking everywhere in the hall he came across Goldilocks.

She was giving out free porridge. Then it was Mrs Lou she was a prince frog we didn't know what she was until some shouted out "The Princess and the frog "Correct" Said Mrs Lou Every teacher looked wonderful and Hilarious. The best looking one to me was Mrs Tito She is a New teacher to our school. Mrs Garden was the sweet and demure Cinderella.

Also the best looking one to me was Mrs Tito she was really hilarious she was The Ginger bread man "Do you know the muffin man"? Said Mrs Tito Everyone looked superb that has got to be the best Immersion Assembly this year.

                                                         THE END

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

My Favourite holiday UP NORTH

In the holidays I went Up North to see my dad and Aunty it was heaps of fun we went diving for Mussels Pipi's and kina's we had heaps of things to do. But when it started to rain we played card games like last card Poker Indian. We watched cartoons while my dad was fast asleep I was playing on his Laptop my little brother was playing knuckle bones he was trying to beat my high score I made it up to lefties.

When we were at our Aunties we played on her PlayStation 2. We were playing this game called TATIOS LEGENDS it has heaps of old games on it like Bubble Bobble and Operation Fox and Ninja Kids and heaps more. Also we played Sims 2 me my brother were playing it then he got bored and feel asleep so I played God Of War 2 I got far then I got hungry so I made me a sandwich then turn the game of and watched some movies. The fist movie I watched was Silent Hill then I watched The Hills Have Eyes I got bored then feel asleep to.

Then my cousin Rueben Came back from his friends he had an X-Box in his room so I went in and payed Fable I almost clocked it. Then I changed the game to Midtown Madness 3 I was zooming around other cars and then drifted to the end then passed on time. Then he hooked up his PS3 He went on to Internet and challenged people around the world at Halo 2,3 he beat everyone but someone almost but didn't in a death match he killed everyone like nothing he died once and then didn't anymore. Then I played Brute force I zoomed through it like nothing I died once or twice. The hardest game for me was Ratchet & clank 3 but I still passed it the end.

Me and my Dad went to my Godfathers its my Uncle Ryu he is cool cause he has My Sky HDI he lets me do anything I want even eat all there milo ( 5 Packets) he even lets me watch anything I want when I want. He lets me play there X-Box 360 and PS3 they have heaps of games to choose from. That was about one of my favourite holidays ever
                                                                                   THE END

The Famous WARRIORS at the GI Courtyard

On Wednesday 22ND of July the Vodafone WARRIORS came to the Courtyard in GI. They were walking around and people would go up to them and say "Can I have your signature?" Then more people came it was heaps of fun. The DJ said "O.K. Don't forget we will be giving away this beautiful jersey signed by all of the WARRIORS" (To your right) It had everyone in theVodafone Warriors' signatures it looked cool.
Then the Lion Red Rockets came out and started dancing, everyone was cheering. The Warriors went to have a feed, they were cool. When they finished people wanted their signatures and the Lion Red Rockets signatures. Next everyone went up to try and shoot a ball into the hoop, it was really hard. My 2 friends Lepa and Starford got it in and they won a prize then more people did too. The DJ said "Don't forget, get your name in the box to win the Big Prize"
My mum got me drink it was cool then later on the DJ said "O.K now we will be giving out the prizes" He called out 4 people's name then they got the prize. "Now for the Big Prize the winner is... TAKI." Everyone was going "YEEAH!! Way To Go TAKI" He ran up fast then got the prize and he said "I'm going to sell it on Trade Me" Everyone started laughing then I went home.

Lots of support to

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My Favorite Superstar

My favourite superstar is a legend his signature move is (The Five Star Frog Splash) and his finisher is (Laso from Hell Paso) he is my favourite because he is a legend and he is good for submissions and for high flying and for cheating and for his entrances he comes out with a his favourite car with hydraulics

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Spiked and a show off and will get killed
The most show of out of all the dinosaurs and is pretty strong
Enough to attack others and have a fight and win or lose
Go and kill anything that gets in its way even T.Rex
Omnivore no Carnivore maybe Herbivore yes so it eats plants
Strong and will crush your bones and squash every thing in your body
A very strong dinosaur and you are very lucky it is not alive
U are really lucky dinosaurs are dead
Rough and really really tough
Unusaul dinosaur with its spikes
Strong and will kill you if you get in its way

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Ankylosaurus means "Fused lizard" and "Stiffened Lizard" 
Now dead use to be alive but gone forever
Killing spree and ready to rumble in the jungle
Young then fully grown and ready to go free and kill
Lived on earth for millions of years and then died out
Of course they were way stronger than any human on earth
Strong invincible but until the meteorite hit the earth or a flood or a volcano erupted 
A very strong dinosaur but was defenceless when a meterorite hit the earth
Rough tough and ready to rumble deep down in the Jungle 
Use to be alive but now dead and gone but good there gone or else we will be dead
Strong powerful and ready to fight against anything and hopefully will win

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Tough fierce and very dangerous dinosaur 
Ready to take your head off with its horns
Incredible and gone forever and will never come back
Cretaceous period is when it lived 70 million years ago
Extinct for life and forever
Ready to charge and crack your skull
A tiny dinosaur but a vicious horns
Triceratops means Three Horned Face because of the horns 
Other Dinosaurs like predators like to attack Triceratops
People would not like to be around when the Triceratops lived
Strong and small but really powerful

Tyrannosaurus Rex

Tough and rough and ready to rumble
Young and strong and very powerful
Razor sharp jaws ready to crunch and bite just like carving knives
Ankylosaurus can't stop it nothing can
Never ever will it flee to a fight
Not been defeated by other dinosaurs and never will be
Old and extinct forever and can never come back
Some paleontologists discovered it in the South America 
Another dinosaur still lives today in New Zealand
Unstoppable and undefeated and can never lose a fight
Ready to fight and rip you to bits and pieces 
Use to be called King Rex cause of its strength 
Strong and mighty and very very powerful
Really small arms big legs but powerful bites 
Encouraged by other sauropods
Xtreamly dangerous and will rip you apart if you don't have armour

Monday, May 25, 2009

Positive Minus Interesting

-Our Flickr page.
-R.O.W 10 Sleep Over.
-VC-Will Smith-Hong Kong.
-Learning how to use Google Earth.
-Music making on Garage Band.
-Pork Bone movie.
-Food Pyramid.
-Blogging about R.O.W 10.
-Movie making.
-Making our recipes on the computer.

-Rock our world 10 not making our Boil recipe
-Waking up a 5am in the morning
-Having difficulty's with our conference
-Making things quickly for our rubric
-Not having more time to practise our R.O.W10

-Eat Pork Bones at school
-Waking up at 5am
-Making our movies for food in a day
-Making Flickr pages
-Have to do speech's

Also to the other students and teachers in R.O.W I really had a great time and I would like to be in R.O.W again and again and thanks.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Thursday, April 2, 2009

About Extension

Hi my name is Cruz In extension our theme is Food. We are trying to find out where our favourite food comes from. The first thing we did was finding out what other people's favourite food was. Then Mrs Tele'a gave us a food pyramid to see were our favourite food lands in. I found out that all of our favourite food landed in the fatty section and also that we need to eat more healthy food. I try to stay healthy by eating fruit and I sometimes eat lollies after school that is not making me healthy and if I keep eating junk food I can get very sick. On the 31 of March we had a conference with another school from Hong Kong. The sad thing was they couldn't see us but we could see them.

In extension it is very fun we do fun things and we have a good laugh . We had a competition on Garage Band it was fun. But we could only instrument we could use was the drums. It was funny because most of us used techno drums and it sounded like there was a party. We listened to every ones moses one sounded the best because it had a mixture of beats. It sounded like a party drum in the end Mrs Tele'a said "We will have a vote tomorrow" so we said "O.K".

Also in Extension we used Google Earth to find the places were our favourite food come from . Me and my partner Joshua did a research about Pizza Hut and dominoes. We found out that the dots on the domino dice stands for all the shops he opened. But he couldn't fit all of them on the dice because he has more than 60.0000 shops opened. The people who opened the fist Pizza Hut was Frank and Dan Carney they opened the first Pizza hut company ever. The first one was opened in 1958 Wichita Kansa and the capital city is Garza and that Sam's pizza is there favourite pizza also his famous pizza is the Italian pizza.

Just yesterday we had lots of fun we were play a really funny game. Mrs Tele'a will write a word on the board. If you know the answer you stand up and and put your hand by your head and say Mrs Tele'a Rocks. Then you run up to the board and write the word in a different way. So if she writes sore you can spell it saw or another way. Or if she writes a different word. Also we had a scavenger hunt it was heaps of fun we had to find out things about Poland and the capital is Warsaw.

Just today Mrs Tele'a told us to get in a circle and tell us the rating or if you are comfortable or easy or just plain hard oh and the rating is 10 out of something everyone said there's I said "I find Extension a bit comfortable and I'm developing to do my work and my rating is 8 out of 10". Our study is Pass The Kai(Kai is the maori way for saying food). Me and my partner Joshua have being thinking about our favourite culture food. I am Maori's so I did Hangi Destiny did boil up(Boil up is a Maori Dish same as Hangi). 

Things that are important to me

Things that are important to me are my family and all of my friends. I am known around tones of places even Australia. The only reason people know me from Australia is because my cousin is the best shuffler in shelve and the 2 strongest (aka shelve is in Sydney that is in Australia)(shuffling is a dance you do with your feet). It is heaps of fun in Australia because my uncle gives me heaps of money but if he doesn't have it he gives me it the next day. But now I'm in New Zealand the best pace in the whole world. I do heaps of different things I'm either playing kicks with my little brother or eating or sleeping. I can't do anything sometimes especially when it rains.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

All About Me

KIA Ora,Talofa lava,Namaste, Hi my name is Cruz and I come from Auckland New Zealand. I am nine years old and like to do different things like sports. My favourite sport is Cricket because I am a good batter. In the future I would like to be a wielder like my papa Ned but he passed away. I like to do plenty of things but I like to play the game most the time. I have heaps of friends around my complex. I know heaps of people boys and girls.

Thursday, March 12, 2009


On Wednesday 11 of march 2009 we went to a softball tournament we were facing different schools around G.I our first team was Saint Patricks. We all got in line first up was Joesph he got the bat and he held it tight then the ball came and he smashed the ball into the air like an aeroplane it went far Joesph threw the bat out of the diamond and ran to first base then second then third "SAFE" someone yells everyone jump's up and down ten I go up I bend my knees grip on the bat SMACK the ball goes flying into the air  I throw the bat to the ground and bolt it like the Usain Bolt. Then everyon else has a go.

All the other schools and us all had a great time and we all got along really good and we got heaps of home runs.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Extension #2

It all started when Mrs Tele'a came and said "good morning Room 15" we said "good morning Mrs Tele'a" then she said "can theses people come with me with a sharp pencil and a chair to the hall" "Cruz Joshua Erene Angela and Selena Mubasshira" so we got a pencil a chair and went to the hall.I got shocked when she said my name I didn't even think I would even make it.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Food Pyramid

On Tuesday the 3 of March 2009 we were doing a presentation about our favourite food. Three-quarters of us like unhealthy food and one-quarter of us like healthy food. I would rather have unhealthy cause it has more flavour like Burger King and Kentucky Fried Chicken and Mac Donald's. We had a selection out of good food and alright food and fatty alright food. Bad stuff is thing that are not good for you and it can give you diabetes because it has to much sugar in it Alright food is stuff that you might eat [well you might eat it] and then there is the healthy food the food that has no fat at all just maybe a little bit.

This is the Food Pyramid up the TOP

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

First Term Of School

On the first day of school I didn't know what class I was going to be in. I sat next to most of my friends and none of us knew what classes we were going to be in. I thought my friends were going to be in my class again and I hoped I was in Matthew T's class. Then Mr Burt called out my name and Matthew's, we were really excited. In my class we do heaps of cool things, we have a couch in our class but the only time you are allowed on it is with your group. When your group wins you sit on the couch but if you talk then you have to hop off. We all do different things like one group will be on the computer, one group will be reading and one group will be doing their work. Sometimes we all do one thing as a whole class like go out and play a game or do work. We do all kind of things we do it as one class or in groups.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


In my holidays I went to Rotorua for an unveiling. While I was there I had to sleep at my cousins I don't know why my mum said I had to, otherwise I suppose I would have had to stay at home all by myself.
When I was in Rotorua I was having lots of swims I had a swim in the Green lake and the Blue lake. I went to the Polynesian Spa. There were all types of Spas, a warm one and a burning hot one and there was another pool, a big one. One side was shallow and one side was really really deep. I got my uncle's friend to help me.
When we were at the big house my cousin was telling us a few jokes one was about a Maori boy he will only go if you give him a chocolate cookie, and about this man named Pat how he was late for work and he can't find a car park so he prays to God to help him find one....
When we were at the Polynesian spa we were doing plenty of bombs then my uncle came and he bombed all of us out so we stopped doing bombs all because of him. After the Polynesian spa we went to the bath, it was burning hot. I went because it was nice and hot.

The next day after that we went home.
The End

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Welcome to Room 15 from Ms Squires

Hi Cruz, welcome to Room 15 and your new blog. This is your own place to share your stories, poems and thoughts about different topics. You will be able to also post any podcasts or videos you make and any of your e-learning tasks you complete throughout the year. Don't forget to let all your family know so they can see what you have been up to and can leave you comments.
Happy Blogging!!