Monday, March 14, 2011


First of To start the day was to get ready for our Pt England School Camp. To start it off I wore purple skinnies and a black puma jersey and of course my camp gear. My group name is the Mighty Legendary 'THINKERZ'

Our first activity as a group was with Mr Barks he was doing group challenges in this we had to focus on team work, Concentration and balance those were the aim to winning the game. First we had to start with a pole in a tire and get the tire over the top, Our first time was 2 minutes and 47 seconds and then we had another go and got 22.4s.

The 2nd challenge we had was the Channel Run we had to get water with channels that had holes in the side so it was a tough challenge but that never slowed us down. We huffed and we puffed and we almost gave up but we never.

Then came our 3rd challenge came and we were starting to get exhausted (I don't know about the others but I surely did). This challenge was Top it Up. In this challenge the aim was Balance and Concentration. We had to get a glass of water to the top and back down. The first 2 times the cup had fallen but the third time we had luck it stayed up and then Kaiden got back up and managed to get it back down.

We had continued on with the Channel run after all of it we had managed to get 1cm of water into the bucket and still don't know if we did but to us we still had a good time no matter what it was fun and everyone sure had it. The End (For Now)

Exploring Our Netbooks!!

"Already"I said "We are already getting our net books" today the first day of school. How can this day get any better!!!! When we got our net books the first thing we did when we turned them on was explore and play games but the Internet wasn't working. So we had to play games the first game I played was Tux typing 2. Its a typing game that helps you to type faster The faster you type the more you can do in a short period of time.

Then that's when we got explore time we first went on games and played other games like Solitaire and Mahjongg and others and that was when we found out about Ubuntu Software Center thats where we could donwload Games,Pictures,Web Browsers,Music and much much more. The End