Thursday, October 14, 2010


”Yes” I said as I woke up “My Birthday has finally arrived I wonder what we will do for it”. Just as I said that my mum comes in my room and says “hurry get up wake up your Uncle we’re going to Waiwera for your birthday” “Hooray” I shouted and went back to sleep. I soon later woke up and everyone was up so I stayed in bed and played Guitar Hero 3. My uncle soon woke up and played on his laptop “Happy Birthday Cruz” he said.

“Finally were leaving”I said. I was so jittery and jumpy that I couldn’t wait It was a long and tiring drive but it was worth the driving. “Can you get me a drink Cruza” asked my Uncle “Yep” As I reached over to get the drinks we started to listen to the prank calls my uncles friend did. We were all laughing like hyenas then as we came around the corner we saw a sign saying “Welcome to Waiwera” “Yeah” I shouted we have finally reached our destination.

As we finally came into Waiwera I didn’t know what to do so I got changed and instantly ran towards the slides but it was boring because there was only 3 slides There was the Speed slide which is Extremely fast if you put dish washing liquid down there is the Twister and Last but not least the Black Hole this slide is not my Favourite because it is a slide that makes you whack your head on side.

But for starters we were just kicking back in the The Movie Pool but the movie wasn’t on and didn’t come on too along time. So we went in to the slides and first went down the Black hole although I forgot that it was the slide that makes your head sore I still had a little bit of fun. Later on during the day my Uncles Mate Tama Ran off the side of the pool and did a Back flip bomb into the pool ‘BOOM’ Went the water “Wooow” Me and my uncle shouted.

“Man to day was mean as aye Cruz” said Tama on the way back to my house we were all tired and were nearly all asleep. “As soon as we get home I’m going to probably go to sleep” said my uncle “Wow that was a mean swim and i Probably have to go to sleep anyway” I replied to my uncle my other cousins were asleep so when we got home we all went to sleep as well. THE END