Tuesday, April 20, 2010


The best dancing team in the world is the one the on JABBAWOCKEEZ Also they all just wanted to be one person with different abilities and talent for example all of them look exactly the same but just have different ways of dancing one is the best break dancer and another is good at krumping,puzzling is another members talent. Also they always win the biggest dance battle the are even in some movies. Plus they have their own T-shirt but it was Dziah's idea first and they are another dance team that participates in big challenges too. Another team that I know that entered was SAS(Sweet And Sour) they are also a big group that performs like the Jabbawokeez. They all show off there talent to the world and see how win's!!!.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Active earth

This term at Pt England school we are studying Volcanoes and what makes them erupt. Our topic is 'Active earth' This is all about volcanoes in most places volcanoes are all over the place.

Also what I have learn today is that the plates under the earth,when they collide they cause earthquakes and sometimes volcanoes erupting. Sometimes the volcanoes leave heaps of ash in the air.

Also some eruptions can take out a whole town or village and also can kill up to 60,00 people.

Thanks to this website for the photo: