Friday, December 10, 2010

Our Schoolmade M.T.V

This is our M.T.V we made I hope you Enjoy It.

P.S We mucked up a little bit

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Pizza Gone Crazy

Dead Cockroach
Pizza Ingredients:
  • Pizza Base (Mrs Tele’a)
  • 1x200 g Pepperoni Stick or pre cut in a sealed container(
  • 1x200 g Diced Bacon(Gabe)
  • 1x200 g Salami or pre cut in sealed container - Mild - Hot
  • 100 g of Lean Mince Beef(Cruz)
  • 1 tin of Pizza Paste / Tomato Paste(Cruz)
  • 1 Bag of grated cheese(Josh)

  1. 1. If you are using doe then puff up and roll out and flatten with raised edges (The Crust) or if using base put onto a pizza pan.
  2. 2. Cover the pizza base in the tomato paste use about 3 quarters of the tin.
  3. 3. Put a small layer of cheese on the base.
  4. 4. Then cut and spreed the pepperoni and salami use about 3 quarters of the sticks/ packets.
  5. 5. Place the diced bacon around the pizza base as well.
  6. 6. Then put another light layer of cheese over the ingredients.
  7. 7. Use the last quarter of the Pepperoni / salami with the lean Mince Beef spreed out on the base.
  8. 8. Cover once again in Cheese.

I have got the Recipe from this site <-- Click on the Words for the URl

And The Photo from this site <-- Click on the Words for the URl

Thursday, November 11, 2010

My Cursed Little Brother

It was an ordinary day lying on my bed playing Guitar Hero 3 Legends Of Rock. My little brother runs in and says "Can I play" he said repeatedly "No" I said loudly "I'm telling" "So" I replied "Mum" he shouted "Cruz isn't letting me play the game""Cruz let him play"shouted my Mum "Fine" "What you put the thing in" "OK" "Cliffs of Dover""Nah" just then my cousins walked in the door down stairs "Brodie" called my cousin. She is just a bit taller than me and has Violet and blondish hair and sometimes can really be annoying and can start fights very easily with her mouth.

So as my brother ran down stairs he shouted "Hooray" "Yes" I said as I shut my door and went down to the park and so did my brother and cousin. We were all having a lot of fun when suddenly a dark storm appeared up in the sky and from the depths of the hades appeared from the ground and eyed me and my brother and cousin I wasn't all so scared but my brother and cousin were. Then it charged straight for my brother and he was possessed by the lost soul and as we stood there watching him struggle we couldn't do anything about it he tried to fight back but it was too tough all he could do was surrender to this powerful soul.

As the soul finally possessed my brother's soul my brother couldn't control himself the soul chased me and my cousin across the road the soul was hit but it didn't put a scratch on this monsters body were going to need bigger guns so as we ran to the train station we went to Sylvia Park it chased us there so we ran in to Dick Smith were all of the electricity is we grabbed some TVs and through it at the monster it just stood there "For a second I thought it just absorbed it" I said to my cousin "It did" She replied "Oh No" We said together.

So we started running we ran in to the movies she said "What are we doing here?" "I came to see if there were any new movies" I Replied to her "Oh lets go" "Ok". So we ran down staris and caught a train to yet another place and then back to Sylvia Park and ran around the buildings and the monster tripped up and into the water he started to fall and then we realised that the monsters weakness was water so we went to get buckets and used it against the monster.

Now that we knew what the monsters weakness was we captured it and used all the Electric and water against it and defeated it now that we captured it we have to find out how to defeat this dark soul. After hours of torture we had finally found out what to do so we invented A Gadget called Static Electricity and used it by the monsters heart and the soul came out of my brother we fought it and killed it it vanished and the hands of Hades came through the ground and grabbed the soul and left. My brother soon awoke and we went home and played guitar Hero 3.

Thursday, October 14, 2010


”Yes” I said as I woke up “My Birthday has finally arrived I wonder what we will do for it”. Just as I said that my mum comes in my room and says “hurry get up wake up your Uncle we’re going to Waiwera for your birthday” “Hooray” I shouted and went back to sleep. I soon later woke up and everyone was up so I stayed in bed and played Guitar Hero 3. My uncle soon woke up and played on his laptop “Happy Birthday Cruz” he said.

“Finally were leaving”I said. I was so jittery and jumpy that I couldn’t wait It was a long and tiring drive but it was worth the driving. “Can you get me a drink Cruza” asked my Uncle “Yep” As I reached over to get the drinks we started to listen to the prank calls my uncles friend did. We were all laughing like hyenas then as we came around the corner we saw a sign saying “Welcome to Waiwera” “Yeah” I shouted we have finally reached our destination.

As we finally came into Waiwera I didn’t know what to do so I got changed and instantly ran towards the slides but it was boring because there was only 3 slides There was the Speed slide which is Extremely fast if you put dish washing liquid down there is the Twister and Last but not least the Black Hole this slide is not my Favourite because it is a slide that makes you whack your head on side.

But for starters we were just kicking back in the The Movie Pool but the movie wasn’t on and didn’t come on too along time. So we went in to the slides and first went down the Black hole although I forgot that it was the slide that makes your head sore I still had a little bit of fun. Later on during the day my Uncles Mate Tama Ran off the side of the pool and did a Back flip bomb into the pool ‘BOOM’ Went the water “Wooow” Me and my uncle shouted.

“Man to day was mean as aye Cruz” said Tama on the way back to my house we were all tired and were nearly all asleep. “As soon as we get home I’m going to probably go to sleep” said my uncle “Wow that was a mean swim and i Probably have to go to sleep anyway” I replied to my uncle my other cousins were asleep so when we got home we all went to sleep as well. THE END

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Race that never Ends

"What the" I thought to myself. the chairs were lined for Cross Country. That can only mean 1 thing Cross Country!!If I had known it was today, I would of brought my sick notice.
"I don't want to run" I said quietly. Nearly Every year, I come near the end. this is like a Nightmare on Elm Street
We sat in our two lines, and I was shocked to see people other than me shaking. My heart was pounding with fear.
As we were ready to take off, I remembered what Miss Garden had told us; to pace ourselves in the beginning, then run hard at the end. "Bang" went the clappers. Everyone blasted off.
I was jogging and right in front of me was my arch enemy Zues. He and I had been enemies for a long time.

We ran out of the school gates my heart pounded and my rival was coming 1st and I was coming 21st. So I started to spurt past some people now I was coming 11th and Zeus was still showing off, and before you can say me he trips and starts rolling on the field and he starts getting blitzed. I started to spurt past him. He didn't like losing to me so he started crying.

The last corner up feeling euphoric."One more corner" I said to myself running hard to the finish line "1st" someone said while I was enjoying my victory I woke to my little punching my head Cross Country "NO" my sister slapped my face and I got ready for School.

Monday, August 9, 2010


All of the students had a different perspective view of Mrs Tele'a as we were drawing our teacher it was a rough challenge. I think that since the Mighty Mariners such as Kupe,James Cook,Abel Tasman who all drew maps of different. While we were drawing our teacher we all were focused and concentrated on their work we all had different angles I was drawing the back which was probably the best angle.

Everyone that were drawing had different styles of drawing my friend Joshua is just sketching but he was on a computer so their is no point in sketching. And my friend Shawn style is muscular and my style is Anything.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Polynesian Magic

Polynesians from the east were the first to set foot on Aotearoa. They came on single outriggers or double hulls,which were 15-20 meters long. Once they had stepped on Aotearoa they were soon called Maoris.

Trained navigators steered the canoes because they knew to follow the birds in the day, and stars by night to find this new land. They had to travel through the pacific ocean. But only a few people survived the stormy weather and the battling seas, just to find the place as we know it as Aotearoa.

Also thanks to this website for the image:

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tarawera Reflection

This term IN extension we have be studying the Mt Tarawera eruption that happened 100 years ago while we were progressing through this event this what I thought were Interesting Positive Minus (PMI)

1.Making the entire movie from scratch and detailing it
2.Acting as an old man and saying lines over and over again
3.Helping a to get the costumes ready for our recording
4.Putting on make up that was really funny

This year in Extension we have been studying the Tarawera Eruption that happened over a 100 years ago which caused the whole town of Wairoa to be abandon and alot of people died in the eruption. Also tons were homeless if they survived and only a little bit of people made it through this devastating eruption.This was all so sad.

1.Taking too long to get ready
2.Having to write the script from scratch like most people having too
3.When we did our Green Screen it didn't come out properly and we still have to use the same Green Screening we did.

When this disastrous event occurred all the people of Wairoa were never alerted that Mt Tarawera will erupt. It all happened on a starlit night no one was worrying about anything but there children and the food that was on the fire outside.

1.Making the film with my friends
2.Doing a Green Screen but then it didn't come out properly
3.Setting out the scene and were we are going to record

All of this to me was really interesting we had the chance to do this fun activity and for letting us use all of the things that we could do and helping us when we were in tough spots.

Also Thanks to Mrs Tele'a for letting us experience this amazing Event.
Here is a bit of the task my group did (Seini-Mino,Me,Joshua) Hopefully you like it So sit back and relax!! PLEASE COMMENT!!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Did you know that when Dizah broke up they all made new groups such as Dziah 2.0 and the Funk Monkeys and they mad New T-shirts and now they face each other to see who's skills are better who do you vote for?

I vote for Dziah 2.0 because they have people that dress cool and flashy and they all have mean eyes. Before they use too have J Willams a famous singer but now they only have good dancers and no one famous anymore but they all have good talent but do they have what it takes to beat the on the only "JABBAWOKEEZ" and become one of the best dance crews in the world they are the on the only "DZIAH 2.0"

Thanks to this website for the photo:

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Scrumptious Hokey Pokey

A huge wonder of the world is making a tantalizing delicacies called Hokey Pokey.
Mmm……Fat food including Sugar dissolved in a instant including golden-syrup as it was heated in the pot. Baking Powder was added to the mixture, and a chemical reaction occurred. The Hokey Pokey started to froth up and expand at the same time it looked like Slimy viscous goo.

"PEEVE....." A fart effect wafted in the air as masses of Hokey Pokey bursted out of the frying pan. This experience was insane!!!!! It was as if the Hokey Pokey limited to be eaten and at the same time burst out of the frying pan.
We went to the kitchen, stunned as we were in for a phenomenal surprise. We clicked when, in just a flash we would create a wonderful food treat, that involved volcanic like equipment or other things to do with that. We made a long time favourite of mine, Hokey Pokey.

We waited for the Hokey Pokey to cool down. It was now a hard,brittle solid mass. All the gas bubbles caused porous.When it cooled down Mr Hunia had to transfer it too a saucepan or it would of been stuck to the bottom of the pot. It didn't look very nice when we were making it but once it had finished it would taste Delicious

Similar to lava, oozing hokey pokey can literally pot. 'WOW!!!!!!' Also it can become hard and brittle in just minutes.'AMAZING!!!!!' Hokey Pokey is scolding hot, which can probably melt a total human hand. That is scary but at the same time very very yuck but the sound of Hokey Pokey makes my tummy rumble.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Under Water Explosion

After A Tsunami

The damages after tsunami’s hit it can be very fatal many lives will be lost. All the buildings would be demolished and survivors trapped under rubble. Cars just have been tossed like little toys.

Volcano's formed

Volcanoes are formed by all the lava, that comes through cracks in the ground.Magma under the ground heat’s up, and goes through cracks in the earth. When the lava dries it forms land and volcano's!!

Types Of Volcano's

There are 3 Types of volcano's There is the Shield Volcano, which is are mostly active and dormant. An there is the Cinder Cone volcano which are most dormant now. So that leaves us with the composite volcano it is the most dangerous or is it?

Inside The Earth

Under the earth crust there are 4 layers,the crust,mantle,Outer core,Inner core.There are fractures in the earth crust like a huge jigsaw puzzle that has been put back together in big chunks

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


The best dancing team in the world is the one the on JABBAWOCKEEZ Also they all just wanted to be one person with different abilities and talent for example all of them look exactly the same but just have different ways of dancing one is the best break dancer and another is good at krumping,puzzling is another members talent. Also they always win the biggest dance battle the are even in some movies. Plus they have their own T-shirt but it was Dziah's idea first and they are another dance team that participates in big challenges too. Another team that I know that entered was SAS(Sweet And Sour) they are also a big group that performs like the Jabbawokeez. They all show off there talent to the world and see how win's!!!.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Active earth

This term at Pt England school we are studying Volcanoes and what makes them erupt. Our topic is 'Active earth' This is all about volcanoes in most places volcanoes are all over the place.

Also what I have learn today is that the plates under the earth,when they collide they cause earthquakes and sometimes volcanoes erupting. Sometimes the volcanoes leave heaps of ash in the air.

Also some eruptions can take out a whole town or village and also can kill up to 60,00 people.

Thanks to this website for the photo:

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Signing of the Treaty of Waitangi

All of the maori's were being attacked by the Europeans but then the treaty was made all the maori chiefs such as Hone Heke's uncle the leader of Nga Puhi.

Pukeko Galore

Pukekos are birds that look like kiwis. Instead they stringy legs, and a patch of white feathers under their tail to tell them if there is danger nearby. They have a redish beak that helps them get things at the bottom of lakes. This very special species have iridescent blue on some of their plumage.

Pukeko's diet contains leaves, frogs worms, insects, spiders and the roots of some plants. They search for eggs and chicks left in nests. Also they were a pain in he neck to Maori's because they kept eating their kumara in recent times, farmers crops.

As most people know everyone has enemies,and pukekos had tons of enemies. At first it was just Maori people now I recent times,duck shooters,farmers and anyone who grows plants and crops. Because pukekos kept on eating their plants an thats how pukes made their enemies.

While watching pukeko's you should not be too loud and don't get too close, also make sure you tiptoe so they don't run away or fly to their new destination or else it will be a long walk too you see a new pukeko.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

D'Wayne Edwards!

On a rainy day on Friday, we had the most fun even though it was raining we were talking with of the most successful shoe designers in the world. His name is D'wayne Edwards. When he was 17 he entered a competition and who ever won got a job at Sketchers he won but when the judges found out he was 17 he wasn't aloud the to get the job because he was to young.

Also he said that you don't need to be Le Bron James,Anthony Carmello,Kobe Bryant to attain things and to reach high places. An that your mentors what you do they've already done it and that that any question isn't a dumb question and that if you don't ask it you don't know what the answer is.

Maori Weapons

Long Ago Maori people used weapons to train with each other. They trained for war, or to protect their tribe from others.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Flickr Update

In Extension we learn how to use different stuff then in class we learn how to use Flickr this is what we have been doing lately in extension.Also we have been updating our flickr page (Up top is Mine) well if you won't to check out our flickr page go to this website