Thursday, December 13, 2012

2012 Review

My review of 2012 is not the best a lot of good things happen and so did a lot of negative things just at school itself. The Positive things are that I managed to get through the year without some major interruptions and that I didn’t get into any Major trouble. That I managed to finish some of my work. Was helpful around school towards the little kids and to people that really needed my help when they did. Also I was pushing people to succeed and not to end up on the side of the road begging people for money.

The negative things were. That I didn’t finish all of my work and left some things either unfinished off or not even started, that I was constantly in trouble because I was always joking around, wondering around or just talking in the wrong time. But the biggest thing was that I was a hassle to my teacher and was always bothering her with non-sense that I shouldn’t when I was wasting her time while she was teaching others .

My Friend Description - Kaiden Witika

Today i’m writing about my good friend, Kaiden . Hes a very easy going person and is heaps fun to be around and he is very good going with girls and easily gets along with them. He will always make dull things seem bright and is always cracking a joke now and again. Will always be there for you and is a good person to talk to when you seem that the world is coming down on you.

He is very tall and he is skinny, outgoing is always looking towards things rather just going ahead and doing whatever it is. He is that type of person that is very Random and will change any subject to something random, and will make anything fun if its dumb .