Thursday, December 13, 2012

2012 Review

My review of 2012 is not the best a lot of good things happen and so did a lot of negative things just at school itself. The Positive things are that I managed to get through the year without some major interruptions and that I didn’t get into any Major trouble. That I managed to finish some of my work. Was helpful around school towards the little kids and to people that really needed my help when they did. Also I was pushing people to succeed and not to end up on the side of the road begging people for money.

The negative things were. That I didn’t finish all of my work and left some things either unfinished off or not even started, that I was constantly in trouble because I was always joking around, wondering around or just talking in the wrong time. But the biggest thing was that I was a hassle to my teacher and was always bothering her with non-sense that I shouldn’t when I was wasting her time while she was teaching others .

My Friend Description - Kaiden Witika

Today i’m writing about my good friend, Kaiden . Hes a very easy going person and is heaps fun to be around and he is very good going with girls and easily gets along with them. He will always make dull things seem bright and is always cracking a joke now and again. Will always be there for you and is a good person to talk to when you seem that the world is coming down on you.

He is very tall and he is skinny, outgoing is always looking towards things rather just going ahead and doing whatever it is. He is that type of person that is very Random and will change any subject to something random, and will make anything fun if its dumb .

Monday, November 26, 2012

Toy Glasses - B.A.R

This Is The Picture I Used To Add Things to The Glasses

Today in extension we had to pick a number and what number we did we had to grab the toy it was and I got a pair of Sun Glasses and than I had to turn them into a toy.

Age Group: This toy Can be used for any age group ranging from 5-80+ it's use can be for entertainment and laughter.

Powered: This isn'y powered by anything its a laughter disguise you can put on to make people laugh

How Many People Can Use It: Only one person can use it per time because its only one that mean's people will have to wait a while to have a turn

Aim of toy/game: The aim is to entertain people and make them laugh and have a good time overall.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Silly Putty - Extension

a.Name of toy
b.It's origins - date, inventor, costs, audience, patent etc.
c.BAR - what would you make
B - bigger
A - add
R - replace

Silly Putty,
Invented: James Wright first invented it in 1943 (69 years of age)

Inventor: James Wright
Origin: It’s Origin is New Haven, Connecticut
Audience: It was originally made for Adults only, but in 1955 it was later sold to children 6-12
The non toxic Silly Putty is able to bounce if dropped, can also stretch farther than ordinary Rubber, won’t go moldy and has a very high melting temperature !. Also it is quite the challenge if the Silly Putty gets stuck into textures such as hair and clothing. It was Created by James Wright, a Scottish Inventor working for General Electric in New Haven, Connecticut.

Bigger - I would make the Silly Putty itself bigger
Add - I would add magnetic forces
Replace - I would replace the smell of it and make it have a nice smelling odor

Friday, November 16, 2012

The Farm - Intro

As the dark of the moon fell and the rays of the sun shone through the clouds the grass was left swampy. “Hurry up eh” shouted Bob at Frank . Bob is a tall slim man this is always cranky and always scrunches his nose up and Frank is a rather girly kind of person he likes taking his time putting on makeup and taking forever in the shower”. Were gonna be late” Bob had been sitting in the car for hours waiting to go for a swim in his creek, “I’m coming” shouted Frank back to Bob .

In A Bush - Writing Sample

It was a normal summer day, birds chirping kids laughing, people enjoying themselves. When the family decided to go for a walk “Man i’ve been sitting at home all day and its been boring can we go somewhere” moaned Shawn, he was the youngest in the family, he was the energetic one he wanted to go all kind of places and do new interesting things.

“Fine then” said shawn’s mum Shawny “We’ll, go through the old bush walk”. Shawny was tall and very slim with beautiful blonde hair and stunning red eyes. So everyone piled into the car put on their seat belts and off they went, it was a 80 minute drive to the bush walk but it was very worthwhile it had beautiful views and to see all of the New Zealand Native Trees it made it even better. When suddenly out of nowhere a drips of water fell from the sky before you knew it everyone was getting soaked.

So they grabbed their Rain Jackets and their umbrella’s and dashed into the bush walk one after another, Seeing all of the views they were stunning and after hours and hours of adventuring it was still raining heavily there was rain dripping off leaves, fingertips, and even jackets.

After everyone was home safe and sound Shany had noticed something awkward “Where’s Shawn” gasped Shawny, “I don’t know” muttered everyone. Now everyone was frightened. Many years passed and the family was still morning for their lost family member but before they were going to give up on hope,

the older sister ‘Megan’ had met a boy that she had fallen deeply in love with so everyone wanted to meet him and then Megan brought the boy back to her house and as soon as the mother seen him she felt a weird vibe and asked the boy what his name was and who his parents were the boy replied easily with.

“Hi my name is Shawn, um I don’t know that much about my family” “You see when I was younger I wandered off and got lost when we went for a bushwalk and I haven’t seen them since”. Instantly Shawny flew to the boy and greeted him with a big hug because she had found her lost son that had been missing for year everyone was still puzzled until shawny said “welcome home my son I have missed you soo much”.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Basketball - Eastern Zone Tournament

On Tuesday, 21 August the Point England Basketball boys went to Selwyn college to participate in the Eastern Zone Basketball Competition. We went into the competition pumped and ready than we got to our first game all of us were burning with excitement as we took the court. As the whistle went off, the game had finally started. Point England, Vs. St Heliers .

So as we continued our game we got more and more into the game. It got really intense so the harder we had to play, our teams were almost even but the other team had the height advantage. As my team stood on the sideline watching. We finally got subbed on. As we took the court and prepared it was hard as we threw the ball down the court than shooting the other team would get the ball and run down the court and sooner score. Later on the game had finally come to an end, ending with us losing 9-27

Our final game was against Panmure District, it was an outstanding game for all of the basketball boys. All of us had been a bit down from not winning our 2nd, 1st game so we took our intentions to win our final game against Panmure. We passed, we jumped, we ran, we shot. Soon after we had finally dominated the team in points they would get the ball and we would take it run down court, shoot and then get a score. Soon after the game started it ended with us coming out on top winning 2-37