Friday, November 16, 2012

In A Bush - Writing Sample

It was a normal summer day, birds chirping kids laughing, people enjoying themselves. When the family decided to go for a walk “Man i’ve been sitting at home all day and its been boring can we go somewhere” moaned Shawn, he was the youngest in the family, he was the energetic one he wanted to go all kind of places and do new interesting things.

“Fine then” said shawn’s mum Shawny “We’ll, go through the old bush walk”. Shawny was tall and very slim with beautiful blonde hair and stunning red eyes. So everyone piled into the car put on their seat belts and off they went, it was a 80 minute drive to the bush walk but it was very worthwhile it had beautiful views and to see all of the New Zealand Native Trees it made it even better. When suddenly out of nowhere a drips of water fell from the sky before you knew it everyone was getting soaked.

So they grabbed their Rain Jackets and their umbrella’s and dashed into the bush walk one after another, Seeing all of the views they were stunning and after hours and hours of adventuring it was still raining heavily there was rain dripping off leaves, fingertips, and even jackets.

After everyone was home safe and sound Shany had noticed something awkward “Where’s Shawn” gasped Shawny, “I don’t know” muttered everyone. Now everyone was frightened. Many years passed and the family was still morning for their lost family member but before they were going to give up on hope,

the older sister ‘Megan’ had met a boy that she had fallen deeply in love with so everyone wanted to meet him and then Megan brought the boy back to her house and as soon as the mother seen him she felt a weird vibe and asked the boy what his name was and who his parents were the boy replied easily with.

“Hi my name is Shawn, um I don’t know that much about my family” “You see when I was younger I wandered off and got lost when we went for a bushwalk and I haven’t seen them since”. Instantly Shawny flew to the boy and greeted him with a big hug because she had found her lost son that had been missing for year everyone was still puzzled until shawny said “welcome home my son I have missed you soo much”.

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