Wednesday, February 29, 2012

How To Become a firefighter

Today in extension we had a fun game to play we had a card placed on our head then we had to go around and ask people questions that were able to be answered by either yes or no. It took me a while but in the end I found out that I was a firefighter.

To become a firefighter you need to pass numeracy, literacy and a fitness test a medical exam and a practical skills test. After that you must undergo a police background exam. That is for your Entry requirements your Secondary Education is a school certificate or NCEA equivalent English, math and science may be helpful to pass pre-entry testing to become a firefighter.

Monday, February 27, 2012

My MihiMihi

Kia Ora My name is Cruz as you already know im a year 8 now and its great to be in extension for the 5TH time in extension Wow. Im very happy to be here this time im going to be as good as I can possibly be and not muck around and give it my best shot. So this time its going to be my last year to I head off to college.

The Symbols explain me as most people should know but if you don't know what they are or what they mean then i'll tell you. The Bible shows that I believe in GOD and that he is a really big thing in my life. The Treaty Of Waitangi also known as Te Tiriti O Waitangi in te reo Maori is a important thing to me as well its a lot cause im Maori and if that wasn't there most of my ancestors would have died many years ago. PES a.k.a Point England School is another big thing to me what ever I do when I wear these clothes people know what school I go to so if I do something stupid that effects our school. Friendship is also a big part of life to me without my friends that I have now I don't know what I would do they mean a a lot to me they keep me laughing and they always keep me company when im around them.

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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

My Learning Goals

Here are my personal goals for 2012. I hope you enjoy :)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Think Before You Post - Inform

Too often these days kids about the ages between 12-18 are posting stupid things online about other people or themselves. Do you ever think about the ramifications? What might happen to you ?. So I urge you to think about what your going to post and where exactly you are posting it.

If you posted something disrespectful about someone imagine how hurt they will feel. You need to remember to put yourself in their shoes , think how they would feel if you told all of your friend's on Facebook. So just remember to always think how other would feel if they saw that.

I encourage you to only do the appropriate things online, because later on in life it could come back to bite you. But If you were to apply for a job, future employers would like to see positive footprint if they search your name, and not the negative side of you.

So be really cautious and always think about the consequences, and what might happen. Think before you post

How To Describe A Sad Person

“Mmmmmh” groaned the boy all alone in the corner. He was crying heavily like something that he had wanted had gone down hill and he never got it at all. HIs face was drooping, Mouth was frowned, eyes covered with water. He was in a really dull moment when everything in the world didn’t matter to him nothing except that one thing. Everything he planned went down the drain none of it ever mattered again.

Friday, February 10, 2012

The Reason You Have To Be Cyber Smart

Disgusted, Frustrated, Embarrassed, Heart Pounding, Confused,

With no care, Chewbacca flippantly posted the image online. Not aware of the dangers about posting your image. Chewbacca thought she had everything under control cause she had her account on private and it was only available to her friends.Yet anybody can take it, and use it.

Walking through the corridors, unaware that everyone had seen the picture.Chewbacca was stared and glanced at, she instantly took the next opportunity on the class computer, to erase the photo forever. But to no avail the very next day the photo was back again.”Oh No if my parents or my GRANDPARENTS see this I don’t think they’ll be all that happy with me” whispered Chewbacca to herself unhappily.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Beach Was Cold

“Brrrrrr” My teeth chattered like a vibrating phone, The wind blew up against me causing goose bumps on my arms to grew the size of mountains. The wind was as fierce as a wolf having a fight with a fully grown grizzly bear. The wind grew more harder and faster forcing me to grab the warmest thing I could grab a hold of swimming really wasn’t the best thing for me.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

My Poem

I am a technician
able to fix any problem that come to my challenge

I am a listener
will listen to any problem than may offer helpful suggestions

I am a observer
I observe people and what they are doing then I try to attempt the very same thing

I am a brother
protector and guardian of my young siblings

I am a Dancer
Well talented and will attempt any move that comes to mind

I am a Gamer
will play anything that puts my gaming skills to the test

I am Maori
proud to be a part of a very strong and creative culture

I am a Grandchild
happy to be a grandchild to very strong and well known grandparents

I am a Son
proud to be the son of very proud people

Friday, February 3, 2012

My Aims At School This Year

This year im going to try be at my best point through the entire year and give it 100% all the way. Im going to really let out my full potential, my aim is to be the best student that i can possibly be. Witch means that going to have to improve on my attitude and not be a trouble maker in class. But if im going to improve im going to have to listen to the teacher everyday keep on task and not waste any of my time cause every minute counts. :)

The thing that I have to improve the most on is definitely got to be my Reading, this is the skill that im the lowest in. Every other needed skill is already at a appropriate level where its at the point were I don't really need to practice. The only other thing I need to practice is got to be my listening, and paying attention to the teacher when she's talking to the class. The End