Monday, October 3, 2011

Werewolves VS Vampires

After all the mumble jumble with King Narnode, I decided that the only thing I could do was forget about all of that and move on. So after about 3 months the thought had just become history and the present was now. "So the horror between King Narnode and the others are finally over for real and nothing could possibly go wrong" I said as I relaxed on the sunny shores of Hawaii.

So as I prepared for my flight back home I noticed a shadow on the floor as looked up I saw away then I saw the shadowy figure yet again but this time I saw someone he looked very pale and had fangs as if he where a real vampire "Its just me imagining stuff again: I whispered to myself but as I showed my ticket and walked into the plane he was pulled to a halt as the guards stood in front of him asking for his ticket.

As I sat in my seat ready for I seen a red light flashing 1 hour had passed no one was on the plane excluding me now I was freaked I left the plane to see what was holding the people up. "Heeeeeeeeey what's with the hold up back here" I shouted angrily as I turned the corner I then stopped in my tracks to have been in the middle of a blood bath. "What happened here" I said to myself "A vampire from no where" Coughed the security guard "He was the person that was going on behind you.

"Vampire" I questioned him "Yes from the under world" "Under World" I said "Take our revenge on all vampires" Said the guard as he tilted his head and died. So as I pulled out my phone and called the king of the Werewolves for help he couldn't refuse to kill vampires for fun.

So as we prepared to go to war with the vampires we all had a gun fulled with light rather than bullets. So as long as the sun was out out bullet capsules where full of light so as we ran to the under world and fought a a great war and came out victorious and as I found the vampire who killed the people in the airport I grabbed his head shoved it in my gun and blow it into a million pieces.

A few days later I caught the plane home and I found the wife of that security guard and she had the most worst news I could of possibly heard it was just a set up and the vampires that I thought I was fighting where decoys and that they had already targeted NZ.