Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Basketball - Eastern Zone Tournament

On Tuesday, 21 August the Point England Basketball boys went to Selwyn college to participate in the Eastern Zone Basketball Competition. We went into the competition pumped and ready than we got to our first game all of us were burning with excitement as we took the court. As the whistle went off, the game had finally started. Point England, Vs. St Heliers .

So as we continued our game we got more and more into the game. It got really intense so the harder we had to play, our teams were almost even but the other team had the height advantage. As my team stood on the sideline watching. We finally got subbed on. As we took the court and prepared it was hard as we threw the ball down the court than shooting the other team would get the ball and run down the court and sooner score. Later on the game had finally come to an end, ending with us losing 9-27

Our final game was against Panmure District, it was an outstanding game for all of the basketball boys. All of us had been a bit down from not winning our 2nd, 1st game so we took our intentions to win our final game against Panmure. We passed, we jumped, we ran, we shot. Soon after we had finally dominated the team in points they would get the ball and we would take it run down court, shoot and then get a score. Soon after the game started it ended with us coming out on top winning 2-37

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