Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Animators Apprentice

Last Week on Thursday, The Point England Extensions group had 3 visitors from Auckland museum. One man by the name of Ali another by he name or Maka and the last one named, Nils. These 3 were very talented artist who taught us about the 1900's and how animations were created. Although it was a very long journey back in time it was still fun too learn how people use to make animations not on a computer but by hand !!

The very first thing they taught us how to find the middle of two lines although it looked quite easy it was a very difficult challenge. Most people wouldn't have got the line in the right place in 1 go. So after that we had a piece of paper with 2 line on them it was in the form of a jelly fish, and we had to find between these lines. It took awhile, but everyone soon finished than we got the chance to do something more creative.

We than had to add a little bit more detail, to our creations such as colour, hair (optional) etc. Than when we thought we were finished we took our creations and put them into a Zoetrope. Ali than spun the Zoetrope and we had too look between the cuts in the side. When we looked through them, we saw our creations moving. But then again if we looked through the top we would only see a blur, ruining your artwork.

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