Monday, November 19, 2012

Silly Putty - Extension

a.Name of toy
b.It's origins - date, inventor, costs, audience, patent etc.
c.BAR - what would you make
B - bigger
A - add
R - replace

Silly Putty,
Invented: James Wright first invented it in 1943 (69 years of age)

Inventor: James Wright
Origin: It’s Origin is New Haven, Connecticut
Audience: It was originally made for Adults only, but in 1955 it was later sold to children 6-12
The non toxic Silly Putty is able to bounce if dropped, can also stretch farther than ordinary Rubber, won’t go moldy and has a very high melting temperature !. Also it is quite the challenge if the Silly Putty gets stuck into textures such as hair and clothing. It was Created by James Wright, a Scottish Inventor working for General Electric in New Haven, Connecticut.

Bigger - I would make the Silly Putty itself bigger
Add - I would add magnetic forces
Replace - I would replace the smell of it and make it have a nice smelling odor

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