Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Ankylosaurus means "Fused lizard" and "Stiffened Lizard" 
Now dead use to be alive but gone forever
Killing spree and ready to rumble in the jungle
Young then fully grown and ready to go free and kill
Lived on earth for millions of years and then died out
Of course they were way stronger than any human on earth
Strong invincible but until the meteorite hit the earth or a flood or a volcano erupted 
A very strong dinosaur but was defenceless when a meterorite hit the earth
Rough tough and ready to rumble deep down in the Jungle 
Use to be alive but now dead and gone but good there gone or else we will be dead
Strong powerful and ready to fight against anything and hopefully will win

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  1. Hello Cruz

    I really liked your story about ankylosaurus. I hope you can write another story about a different dinosaur


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