Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Famous WARRIORS at the GI Courtyard

On Wednesday 22ND of July the Vodafone WARRIORS came to the Courtyard in GI. They were walking around and people would go up to them and say "Can I have your signature?" Then more people came it was heaps of fun. The DJ said "O.K. Don't forget we will be giving away this beautiful jersey signed by all of the WARRIORS" (To your right) It had everyone in theVodafone Warriors' signatures it looked cool.
Then the Lion Red Rockets came out and started dancing, everyone was cheering. The Warriors went to have a feed, they were cool. When they finished people wanted their signatures and the Lion Red Rockets signatures. Next everyone went up to try and shoot a ball into the hoop, it was really hard. My 2 friends Lepa and Starford got it in and they won a prize then more people did too. The DJ said "Don't forget, get your name in the box to win the Big Prize"
My mum got me drink it was cool then later on the DJ said "O.K now we will be giving out the prizes" He called out 4 people's name then they got the prize. "Now for the Big Prize the winner is... TAKI." Everyone was going "YEEAH!! Way To Go TAKI" He ran up fast then got the prize and he said "I'm going to sell it on Trade Me" Everyone started laughing then I went home.

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  1. Sounds like a great experience Cruz. I can tell you enjoyed yourself and your report gave a good idea of what the occasion was like. I wonder what you could do to add detail to your description in your next piece of writing? -Maybe add some really interesting words?
    Keep up the good work

    Mr Burt

  2. I had no idea the Warriors were going to be at the Courtyard Cruz. What a treat! It sounds like they were really friendly and you had a great time there.
    Thanks for posting this report and including all the details in your writing. I have enjoyed reading all about it.
    Mrs Burt

  3. Hi Cruz. I wish I knew about the Warriors being at the Courtyard, I would have definately made an effort to be there! I'm a fan of the Warriors - even though they make it very hard sometimes for me to watch! Reading your post gave me the impression that it was a very fun time with a lot of laughter - which is always good to have.
    Keep it going Cruz.
    Mrs Tele'a


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