Tuesday, July 28, 2009

My Favourite holiday UP NORTH

In the holidays I went Up North to see my dad and Aunty it was heaps of fun we went diving for Mussels Pipi's and kina's we had heaps of things to do. But when it started to rain we played card games like last card Poker Indian. We watched cartoons while my dad was fast asleep I was playing on his Laptop my little brother was playing knuckle bones he was trying to beat my high score I made it up to lefties.

When we were at our Aunties we played on her PlayStation 2. We were playing this game called TATIOS LEGENDS it has heaps of old games on it like Bubble Bobble and Operation Fox and Ninja Kids and heaps more. Also we played Sims 2 me my brother were playing it then he got bored and feel asleep so I played God Of War 2 I got far then I got hungry so I made me a sandwich then turn the game of and watched some movies. The fist movie I watched was Silent Hill then I watched The Hills Have Eyes I got bored then feel asleep to.

Then my cousin Rueben Came back from his friends he had an X-Box in his room so I went in and payed Fable I almost clocked it. Then I changed the game to Midtown Madness 3 I was zooming around other cars and then drifted to the end then passed on time. Then he hooked up his PS3 He went on to Internet and challenged people around the world at Halo 2,3 he beat everyone but someone almost but didn't in a death match he killed everyone like nothing he died once and then didn't anymore. Then I played Brute force I zoomed through it like nothing I died once or twice. The hardest game for me was Ratchet & clank 3 but I still passed it the end.

Me and my Dad went to my Godfathers its my Uncle Ryu he is cool cause he has My Sky HDI he lets me do anything I want even eat all there milo ( 5 Packets) he even lets me watch anything I want when I want. He lets me play there X-Box 360 and PS3 they have heaps of games to choose from. That was about one of my favourite holidays ever
                                                                                   THE END

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