Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Internet Cafe

On the 10 of October me my cousin and little brother all went to the Internet Cafe were we could go on to the Internet or play games like I-Ninja and other games but when I go everyone tells me to go onto Counter Strike but I tell them to wait because I go onto games online my cousin told me to go onto Battleon. You can create your own person he can be a Rouge,Warrior,Mage or a Priest. She choose a Warrior because they are good with weapons the strongest weapon is a Gigantic Axe. Its Power is 999-888 it can kill a enemy. In less than two hit sometimes. It has enhanced Power that can Max its power to 5000-1000.

So after I had finished doing up her load I decided to play Counter Strike. On Counter Strike you can choose out of 2 Teams there is Counter-Terrorist they have to defuse the bomb when it is planted and there enemies Terrorist they have to plant the bomb and then protect it and try to kill Counter-Terrorist. It isn't good for kids under the age of 8 it has heaps of killing in it because that is the main part of the game.I choose Counter-Terrorist because they have my most favourite weapons. If you push number 6 you get a Maginum Sniper Rifle and number 8 is a machine sniper that's my favourite because it doesn't take long to reload. Also I like the Maginum Sniper because I am good at scooping.

The next game I always play is I-Ninja you start in the beginning you have to defeat some enemies on a beach they are armoured with swords. But then you have to get a part of this big robot so you can regain his power he was once the president of that Island until some people jumped on to him and used his body parts as weapons. Until you get his body pieces back he remains lying on the ground. When you become a Yellow belt you can challenge the Boss he is in his big robot under water then he rises and you have a boxing match. But first you have to learn the buttons. Then he fights you he takes the first punch you can block and then you can start punching back when he gets dizzy you use your Laser Cannon to zap him and then keep punching until the robot brakes in half. Then a new door opens and you can then do more missions.

So after I play those I then create a new game on Counter-Strike I create Awp_Map or sometimes Cs_construction_map I like those stages because you can Buy and Get A Maginum Sniper. Me and my Uncle always Have Challenges he is better at Construction but I am a bit better at Awp_map. I challenge other people around the Internet Cafe sometimes its everyone against me I can keep killing until I run out or ammo I can take up to 10 shots and have 20 more ammo left in the pack people always camp in 1 spot but they end up getting found. So after a little while I change the level to Fun_With_Matrix which is a level that's good for running around and choosing a door to enter each door has a different gun on it.


  1. Heya Cruz,
    I'm really into the game Counter-strike.I'm againts you because I'm more of a counter- Terriorst.I'll give you a secret that you can't tell any one.The password for Matrix is RYM.


  2. That is a really informative post Cruz. I have learnt a whole lot I didn't know about the games you play. I was wondering how much it costs you to spent that long online at the internet cafe? Here in Bahrain it is costing Mr Burt and me $40 a day to be on the internet!
    Mrs Burt

  3. Hi Cruz
    Wow, what a descriptive piece of writing. I hope you played outside a bit as well. I enjoyed reading what you've been up to and I decided not to play against you because you would obviously nail me straight away!
    Keep up the good work Cruz.


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