Thursday, April 2, 2009

About Extension

Hi my name is Cruz In extension our theme is Food. We are trying to find out where our favourite food comes from. The first thing we did was finding out what other people's favourite food was. Then Mrs Tele'a gave us a food pyramid to see were our favourite food lands in. I found out that all of our favourite food landed in the fatty section and also that we need to eat more healthy food. I try to stay healthy by eating fruit and I sometimes eat lollies after school that is not making me healthy and if I keep eating junk food I can get very sick. On the 31 of March we had a conference with another school from Hong Kong. The sad thing was they couldn't see us but we could see them.

In extension it is very fun we do fun things and we have a good laugh . We had a competition on Garage Band it was fun. But we could only instrument we could use was the drums. It was funny because most of us used techno drums and it sounded like there was a party. We listened to every ones moses one sounded the best because it had a mixture of beats. It sounded like a party drum in the end Mrs Tele'a said "We will have a vote tomorrow" so we said "O.K".

Also in Extension we used Google Earth to find the places were our favourite food come from . Me and my partner Joshua did a research about Pizza Hut and dominoes. We found out that the dots on the domino dice stands for all the shops he opened. But he couldn't fit all of them on the dice because he has more than 60.0000 shops opened. The people who opened the fist Pizza Hut was Frank and Dan Carney they opened the first Pizza hut company ever. The first one was opened in 1958 Wichita Kansa and the capital city is Garza and that Sam's pizza is there favourite pizza also his famous pizza is the Italian pizza.

Just yesterday we had lots of fun we were play a really funny game. Mrs Tele'a will write a word on the board. If you know the answer you stand up and and put your hand by your head and say Mrs Tele'a Rocks. Then you run up to the board and write the word in a different way. So if she writes sore you can spell it saw or another way. Or if she writes a different word. Also we had a scavenger hunt it was heaps of fun we had to find out things about Poland and the capital is Warsaw.

Just today Mrs Tele'a told us to get in a circle and tell us the rating or if you are comfortable or easy or just plain hard oh and the rating is 10 out of something everyone said there's I said "I find Extension a bit comfortable and I'm developing to do my work and my rating is 8 out of 10". Our study is Pass The Kai(Kai is the maori way for saying food). Me and my partner Joshua have being thinking about our favourite culture food. I am Maori's so I did Hangi Destiny did boil up(Boil up is a Maori Dish same as Hangi). 


  1. sup cruz that was a cool story.That was cool that you had a garage band compitition.I wish that I was
    in extension.

  2. Rockcliming is cool a Cruz what your best part of rockcliming . By Casey


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