Thursday, September 29, 2011

A Day Full Of Fun Excitingness

‘SPLAASH’ went the water as it came over my head and crashed onto my mate Kayde’s face.
could get any worse he had been soaked at least 6 times already so he was pretty wet, “Cruz stop wetting me” Kayde snarled at me, he was almost at his limit about about to explode. So as I saw the furious look in his eyes I decided that the only way I could stop him by was not wetting him, so as the sponge came to me I got the feeling that I should wet him then I turned around to see that he was still furious and I soon then decided that the idea I thought was good could also lead to disaster so I slowly put the water over my head and ‘Smack’ went the water as it again crashed onto Kayde’s face. We where out on the bottom field having activities for the year 7-8’s all day we where waiting for all the fun to begin. “Let the games begin” I said in my head as we walked in line to our activities

As we dashed to our next activity I wondered what it was, I saw some cones set up and some bands and a couple of balls. So the next activity I thought of was going to be ‘DODGE-BALL’ I got so excited then all of a sudden the most worst thing happened to me we weren’t playing dodge-ball so as my exciton's went from 1million all the way down to absolutely nothing so did my gaming spirit so we were playing ball tiggy I thought this was going to be the most dreadful game ever. So as we started we where put into groups of 4 me and my friends(Matthew R,Matthew T, Kayde amd Andrew)where all in the yellow team. “Over here we shouted” as people dashed past us at high speed it was like we where trying to catch a bunch of mice with one net and were in one tiny little room with only little bits of space. “Yaaay” we cheered as we jumped up and down as we were victorious. Then our cheerful parade had come to an end as Mrs Lagitupu (Another Teacher) had told us that was only the first round and we had to challenge the winners of the other side. “Huuf a Puff” we panted as we leaped out of the way of the incoming ball. “Its alright its only a game” people said to others in our team we didn’t win but we had a fun time. So as people gathered there things we slowly made our way to our next activity.

“Okay peoples” Ms Tito (yet another great teacher) greeted us with a big smile on her face we had to shoot little balls into hula hoops for each hoop we get the ball in we get 50 points for our class but if we got ball into the hoop all the way at the back we got 100 points but no class had done it and our class was going to try get that 100 points so at the end of each term we could go for a trip somewhere. “Ohhh better luck next time” Ms Tito said to people who had shot but never got anything and in the end we ended up getting 10 points all though we never got the 100 points or the 50 we still had a good time and the shot of the day went to Mr Ryan who shot and got one of our team mates in the privates. So as we laughed our way to our next activity there was still one big question in my head what is this activity ?.

“Hello Students of Room 20” Mr Harris said to us as we walked in to his activity, “Okay today this activity requires 2 people in a group or 3 if you wont” So as I looked around for a partner my friened Matthew T asked if I wanted to be his partner so that was choice so as we got our rope and tied it to our legs we stood up as if we knew what we were doing we stumbled to the ground and we both injured ourselves as I had fallen to the opposite side of Matthew. “This is harder than it look ay Matt” I said to Matthew “Yeah I thought it was going to be easy” Matthew replied. So as we struggled to stand up we finally did then all of a sudden.We both thought of an idea we should walk at the same time so our legs stick together and we don’t fall over as often so we moved our right legs then our left before you knew it we knew what to do. Then the time came for Me and Matthew to put all our skills together and take on the challenge, The challenge was we had to hold a ball on a spoon and walk to the other end around the cone and back. Me and Matthew thought it would’ve been easy but boy where we wrong the catch was that we had to do it with our legs tied.

So that was hardest part as me and Matthew both jumped to our feet we already had our rope tied so this was going to be a breeze but when we got our ball and spoon this turned out to be as hard as walking on a tight rope with wet feet and the rope was a steel bar now that’s almost got to be impossible and your walking over a highway that’s really busy. So as we as soon as we lifted our legs we tripped and our rope untied itself and we failed so I got up and left so as we sat down and watched people fail and pass it was a great experience and I hope that we get to do something like that again.

So as we gathered up our stuff we slowly walked back to class with big smiles and came back to have even more fun but in class.

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