Tuesday, May 24, 2011

My Holiday

‘CRASSSSH’ the waves went as we drove across the side of Ninety Mile Beach, it was 4 years since I had seen it. To me it still looked the same and the smell of seafood and rotten fish made it even better. I almost started crying when I saw the beach. We had been driving for hours, I was sweating like a fat man walking up a flight of stairs. So I was ready to go for a swim, then all of a sudden. “What are you doing?” I shouted to my dad “No, it’s to cold to go for a swim”. As he said that the sun beamed down on my head and made it even hotter “No swimming all holiday what is this” I said to myself it’s nothing but HORROR. How could this possibly be the best holiday ever???

“Naa I want to watch Blues Clues” shouted Irakewa (2nd Youngest Brother) “Naa not that one thats boring” replied my other brother. “Shut both of your mouths” I shouted.
It was about 5am in the morning and I was tired more than you could possibly imagine. Then again, I was woken up by my brothers screaming. But this time it wasn’t me who told them to shut up It was my step sister Maiya-Shey, shes older than me by 1 year. From then they never woke us up again. To me that was adventure 1 there were many adventures left to discover as the holidays progressed.

The holidays passed and I made a couple of friends and enemies. My friends names were Irie, Tristan, Rocky and more. I only made 3 enemies Liam, Karen and Coralle. Even though it wasn’t the best holiday ever it was still fun because I went up north to my dad. I hadn’t seen him in 4 years and I had the adventure of a life time.

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