Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Aussie Rulez

*4 people in each group
*Hand Ball
*Aussie Rules
*Playing With Room 9

‘SMACK’ went the ball as it flew through the air and landed into my partners palm “Wheew that was kinda a challenge ” I said as I tossed the ball through the air. We where learning a new game named Aussie Rules. This game is alot different to rugby and league in Aussie Rules if you passed the ball like how you would pass it in rugby you would instantly get the ball taken from your tram and given to the other team. In this game you had to pop the ball out with your fist so you would lay it out in your palm and use your other hand to whack it out. Our Tutors names are Eamon Simpson and Micheal Gregson.

This technique is called hand ball next week ir it stops raining we will go out side and learn how to drop put the ball it also is another unique skill that might only be used in this game. But what made the game a even better experience was that we where playing with students from room 9. In the end we had a quick group challenge we had to pass the ball to everyone in our group and every time someone caught it that was counted as one point the most points someone got for just 2 people was 72. The 2 little kids that where in my group was Uli and one of his friends it was funny cause Uli could be a good catcher and thrower and then drop the ball more occasionally.

It was fun in the end our group had a top score of 52 points in one minute.


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  2. I like the way you writ things about your self so other kids no things about you and get to no you.WoW i like what you raely writ.Keep it up CRUZ KING :) :)!!!

  3. I realy like your movie it would of taken a realy long time to do it!!!:):)


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