Friday, August 5, 2011

My Reflection On Our Beep Test

"WooooooW now that was like we were running a marathon or something" I said as my lungs bursted for air. I had stopped as my friends kept jogging from cone to cone. We were in the middle of a beep test, this was a test to see what our fitness level was at. My final score in the end was 4.3 and I was already tired as I could possibly be. As more and more people stopped it came down to the final person Ieremus. As he ran people cheered until he came to a stop with a final score of 8.1.
To get up my fitness level I have to eat healthy everyday and to train hard and to go to sleep at a reasonable time. Just like my motto 'NO TRAIN NO GAIN'.
For people out there a beep test is a test to see what your fitness level is at and if you have a high-score that means that you are very very fit and if you get over 6.0 in england you will be able to become a rugby player!!!

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  1. That's a good motto - so what exactly are you going to do?
    Mrs Nua


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