Friday, May 4, 2012

Daniella Hulmes

When Daniella Hulmes was growing up she wanted to an artist but her parents, being traditional, refused, due to it not being a well paying job. They wanted her to do something else instead of that, so she decided to become a nurse. As a nurse she was always being creative and tried her hand in fashion design followed by pottery.

While nursing she also met her husband Jamie Hulmes and immigrated to New Zealand from Holland. A short while after she met her husband Jaime Hulmes. They settled down together and not so long afterwards Daniella started saying that she wanted this artwork and that artwork , so her husband told her to paint it herself and he brought her a easel and some paint and enrolled her into a art class.

She excelled during art classes. While she was in her art classes she encountered many art styles and than she soon realised that realistic art isn’t her type of artwork. She was interested in the texture of depth of colours She was one of the finalist Waitakare Licensing Trust Awards Norsewear Art Awards, Goldwater Art awards and many more. In 2007 she was commissioned to create a large triptych by the large honourable Governor General Anand Satyanand, to be given as a gift from NZ to the Tokelau Islands.

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