Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Matisse and Picasso Analysis

 In Room 20 we had to study two artist by the names of Pablo Picasso and Henri Matisse. We then had to analyse two of their famous artworks Picasso's A Weeping Woman and Matisse's A Woman With A Hat. Picasso is a Cubist artist, which means that in the majority of his painting he included different perspectives and often geometric shapes. Matisse's style on the other hand is Fauvism, meant he paints with unrealistic colours.

Picasso was born on October the 25th 1881 and then later died in April 8th 1973 at an old age of 92 and Matisse was born on December 31st 1869 dying on the 3rd of November 1954 at a old age of 84. Both artist were outstanding but they each had different types of art compared to each other. Picasso in most of his artwork had more than one perspective. Matisse always had more than one unrealistic colour in his artworks.

The themes of the art were all so different Picasso had painted the woman in a sad way due to there being a spanish civil war going on which resolved in Picasso's painting ‘Guernica’. Picasso’s ‘A Weeping Woman’ showed how sad she was due to all of the war going on in Spain. While Matisse’s ‘A Woman With a Hat’ based on an expressionless painting. He was more concerned about trying out different colours, and trying out a different painting style.

The two, have both different colours too it. Matisse used unrealistic colours in his painting but whenever it came to shading he always used some other colour to show it instead of just making a colour darker to match it. Picasso when he painted he used shades of yellow and he didn’t use shading all that much.

Picasso used dark black outlines, while Matisse used rough textures some clear outlines. Picasso used Mostly sharp jagged lines, and distorted perspectives. While Matisse on the other hand used many blurred out and they were smudged as well.

What I have summarised from all of this is that Matisse and Picasso are both different What I have summarised from all of this is that Matisse and Picasso are both different painters in nearly every way. They both had different themes, to it and the shading was completely different. An with all of this data I have concluded that they were both weird artist’s and that could barely ever paint a proper portrait without having either different perspectives or oddly coloured people. So to me the only thing I can say that compares them completely is that they are both weird people.

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