Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Character Description - Ella

Ella. Scrolled down the list heart thumping, about to jump out of her body. When bang she landed on her name the joy that shot through her body like a bolt of electricity going through power lines. She jumped for joy and everyone around her wondered why she was acting weird. She had made it in the team !.

She jumped and twisted and twirled than stood there staring at her friends with a big grin across her face, telling her friends that she had finally made the team. The girl was a very talented netball player and she also represented the school in every single way possible. But then again she lacked the confidence to in her abilities. So she was still staring at the board. Stoked about being on the list.

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  1. Wow Cruz that was an amazing post about your character description I liked all those interesting words you have used in there.

    Your mate Amos :)


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