Monday, June 25, 2012

Charles F. Goldie

The painting I have chose to re-produce was A Noble Relic of A Noble Race, Wharekauri Tahuna of Ngati Manawa. This was painted 1910 AD the man in the portrait died at an old age of 102. It was painted in Ngati Manawa a.k.a Bay of Plenty. The paintings origin is obviously Aotearoa, And it was painted with oil on canvas. The thing that took my eye was the moko around his face, it grabbed my attention to all the little details to it and the meaning towards it.

Charles Frederick Goldie was born on October 20th. He was raised by his mother and father. David Goldie and Maria Parkington they were a poor family and didn’t have much things. Charles was raised in a family with 7 other siblings 8 including himself. David Goldie Charles father was a timber merchant, politician and a strict Primitive Methodist.

This term in Extension, we were given a task to pick one of Charles Frederick Goldie. The painting that I have chosen to reproduce was 'A Noble Relic of A Noble Race'. This is a painting of an old maori man that is sitting down resting. The thing that I found out was the most challenging was the Moko because all of the little detail that was in it, there was so many things that I couldn't get into the moko like all little detailed bits that had too many detail to get in. Also the wrinkles that I couldn't do.

I hope that anyone that comes to the Point England Art Exhibition that is taking place at our own school. I Hope that people come because all the students in the school have put all there effort into it. 

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