Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Gravitational Pull

Every time you jump, you experience gravity. It pulls you back down to the ground, If there was no gravity on earth we would all have fallen off the planet and we would be floating in space like a bunch of asteroids. Gravity Is a kind of force that helps you cling to the planet. The less the gravity when we jump it would take a while for us to reach the ground. It also helps keep the earth spinning around and around.

Over time people started to know what gravity is and most people didn't have a clue what it meant and how it worked. If the gravity was too low we would all be squashed on the ground and we wouldn't even be able to move a muscle.

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  1. Hi Cruz

    This is a really great explanation of the word gravity, it is clear and you have used excellent describing words. Keep up the good work


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