Thursday, November 3, 2011

My Painful Experience

'CRACK' went my neck as I crash landed onto the side of the handle bars of the bike that was behind me my neck was beaming with pain and blood was dripping down my back everything was just a big blur and I had no clue what so ever just happened.

All I could fell was pain in my neck and blood dripping down my spine, I then noticed that I was on the ground and that I had just fallen of the tramp everything happend that fast that I wasn't able to keep up and the only things I could say where "Owch" and "Yes" my neck was in soo much pain that I wasn't going to move till I knew what was going on, and I could go home. For moments as I gazed around me I didn't know where I was or who I was but then as I regained my balance and stood up I started to remember everything.

So as I asked if I could go home Amos went to ask his mum if she was able to take me home seconds later we where in the car driving up my nan's driveway and as I jumped out of the car and said bye I was later walking in side. Then as I stumbled to the lounge I sat down and pictured what just happened in my head. I then told my nan what just happened due to the shock that she had we instantly took off to go find my mum and go to the doctors.

Shortly after that we where in the doctors waiting. I then started to fell really dizzy I didn't know what was going on and I had the most worse headache I have ever experienced in my entire life. I then heard that I was not going to be able to see a doctor cause it was full so i just fell over and lied there in shock. "What was going to happen, What was I going to do" I whispered to myself after my mum had told them what was just happened they instantly said that I was going to have to see a doctor no matter what.

Minutes passed and I was still dazed a bit and at least I knew that I was going to see a doctor. "Cruz King” called a tall dark man. So as we followed behind him I started to see everything clear again so My sight was alright but I still felt dizzy. So as we talked and he examined my neck we soon after that where about to leave and i had to get my neck covered so nothing would get on it, So as I sat there waiting for my neck to be covered I didn't think that it will be sore but boy was I totally wrong it was almost as sore as the time I fell off the tramp. Later on during the day I rested at home and waited for my neck to get better. One week has passed and my neck has fully recovered.

Now my neck is all fine and that the only thing left is just a little cut but next time I might just try avoid having the same accident maybe next time it will be more than just a little cut u could even be worse then what I'm imagining.

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