Friday, November 4, 2011

My Holiday

“Yeeeeeeeeeah” me and my cousin’s shouted, as we ran down the road splashing water at each other with a bucket. We where right in the middle of a all out war game of WATER FIGHT. it was me and my little brother Brodie-Jack Vs My younger cousin Andrea.

So as waves of water balloons flew over our head and smashed onto my neck thats when war began, We where right outside my house so we had to be careful that nothing would hit the window or we would have a big fist flying our way. Now that wasn’t the best of all idea’s for us so i suggested that we go somewhere else, so as we packed our gears and decided were to go we suggested that we just go out side of the fence so that we can, Refuel faster and when we get cold we dont need to run very far.

‘SPLAAAAAAAAAAASH’ went the water as it flew over her wall and crash landed onto her face, “HAHAHAHAHAHAHA” me and my brother cried as she stood up as soaked as a sponge she had been prepearing for the most all out water fight war. Now it was time for her to attack at first it was water balloons then next came a wave of wate balloons but filled with burning hot water and a mixture of bubble soap.

Then from the hatred of her she got out the house and made sure it was just a strong little blast that she aimed to our faces and went bizzare. As I stood there gargling all of the water that went to my face i was knocked back by a strong punch of water. ‘SMAACK’ I went as a flew back into the pole my head was aching like i just got hit from a wild boar “ooooowch” i moaned as I jumped to my feet “woah” I said. Everything looked topsy turvey to me everyone was walking in the sky.

As I threw the last wave of balloon's filled with mud they splattered in her face and the game ended dreadfully awesome with me Victorious

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  1. Hey Cruz.....
    "WOW" It really sounded like you had a jolly fun time in this water fight. MEAN even mud in the balloons and head shots. Far out it sounds like fun!!!!!

    From Kayde


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