Monday, March 12, 2012

First Day Of Camp

The best days of the year have always been at camp.

The first day finally came. What team was I in ? Who was in it ? How many people were in my group?. It turned out to be that I was the leader of the group named 'Team Respect'. In our group there are a total of 7 boys and 9 girls. So there was a total of 15 of us.

Our first activity was by far the hardest challenge. First we were going to put our tents up and then we couldn’t cause it started to rain, so after that we had to go do boxing fitness which was more challenging than a game on its hardest difficulty.

After that we had my favourite thing about today we had Captain’s Ship, Mr Harris was the person that was the captain then he said everything that was on a piece of paper so we had to run, lie down kick our hands and legs up and sway them around. In the end I came 2nd and my mate Gabriel came first. The last command we had to run to the right side of the captain and then he remembered it and ran.

Today was an awesome day and I cant wait to see whats planned for us tomorrow. Its going to be ...AWESOME

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