Friday, March 16, 2012

The Things That I Liked Mostly At camp

The things that I liked the most without a doubt has got to be Swimarama. First we had to wait then we had to listen to the lifeguard tell us what to do and what not to do. Then after that we had to find a place where we can put our bags by our friends, so then we found a place write next to a tree.

After that people jumped into the dive pool. Then with a huge surprise the Vodafone Warriors came and then everyone went over the moon they chanted and even did the haka. A short while after the Warriors got out of the pool while everyone chanted them off and then after that the hooter went off and we had to get ready to leave.

As we were on our way back to the buses, our bus left without us and then we stopped and played on the playground my friend Matthew said that we should just run and climb everywhere on the playground were most people won't dare to go. Our bus arrived shortly and then we got on it and left to school. We got our bags then left with our family back home the end. 


  1. Kiorana Cruz,
    I like the way you said "We got our bags then left with our family back home the end" but i'm not correcting you but you need the end capital t and e. You also need a full stop after home. but any ways i think your writing has increased a lot so keep up the good work and writing.

  2. Hi Cruz

    Great piece of writing I like all the descriptive words you have used.


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