Friday, March 2, 2012

My Writing Sample

“YEEEEAH” we shouted as we left the school grounds “this is going to be the best picnic ever” I thought to myself today was Friday the 24th and it was our big school picnic. “what to do first: I said to my mate Kayde, There was plenty to do Softball, Cricket, Volley and go play on the beach and if you didn’t want to do any of that then you could go sit down on the grass and talk to your mates about how your lives gone!.

Then as we sat down listening to Mr Burt talk to us about what we could do and cant do. Lots of things came into my head Softball no Cricket. Those jumped in and out of my head, after Mr Burt said his speech we all got up and went to go put our bags by our class teacher. After a while we all decided to go and have a nice game of Softball.

Quicker than anything we set up the teams so they where even and anyone that wanted to play could jump on to either team, After about 10 minutes of mucking around we all got straight into it. I was the first pitcher on my team alongside me was Matthew R on 1st base Havea P was on 2nd and we were the star players on our team “Strike 1” called the umpire “Strike 2” called the Umpire again ‘SMAAAAACK’ went the ball as Matthew T smashed it into mid-air “Base 1” called the umpire “Base 2” called the umpire “Base 3” called the umpire “Home” called the umpire.
Everyone cheered Matthew on.

The game got more and more intense every second I would pitch harder and harder til my arm flew off with the ball and the batter would try whack it even further than their previous one. “Wheew, Better pick up the pace” I thought to myself. Things were a lot harder now my arm was tired so I decided to swap around with my best friend Lepa T. In the end we came off as a tie even though no one knew the points what so ever. To me I had one of the best whacks that day I smashed the ball so far that it had hit Samuela on the head with the ball. It might have been really sore cause he reacted to it pretty fast. After that we left and we did our own things after about an hour or two Mr Burt called us in and it was the end of the picnic.

As we all came back to school my ankles were killing me and everyone had an awesome time by the looks of it. Me and my mates were all thirsty and tired we could of just collapsed right there on the spot when we came back to class. I had the adventure of a life time, hopefully we can do something like that again. The End


  1. Hi Cruz,
    It's wonderful to read that you had the advernture of a lifetime. Ouch, I hope Samuela's head it ok. Going on a picnic with your school sounds like a lot of fun! Hope you get to do it again soon.
    God bless xox

  2. Hi Cruz
    That was a nice writing. I like how say you adventure a lifetime. Your a good softball player I know when you hit the ball so far that smashed into Samuela's head made him cried that was a nice writing. Keep up the good work.

    By Ioritana

  3. Hello Cruz ,

    That was very exciting to read. For a second I thought you were talking about our softball tournament . Me and you were pretty good pitchers that day. Even though we had an argument about it. haha. That was very funny when it Samuela's head. It was a wonderful day to remember.

    Keep up your sensational writing Cruz. (:


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